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bigstock Reverse Aging Magic Hat Trick 193637545 scaled

We’d all like to stop aging in its tracks and if possible, reverse it, even if only a little. There are ways to at least slow down your aging process but it does take some work on your part. What we’re really looking for is more energy, more vitality. At the same time we wouldn’t mind losing a few wrinkles and some of the white or gray hair but you can’t have everything. Feeling better is much more important than looking better.

How can we slow down aging and feel our best?

  • The first step and probably the most difficult is to drop the bad habits. Get rid of the smoking. Cut out the alcohol. If you can’t, at least cut back to a minimal amount.
  • Getting more sleep helps us to age well. It keeps our brains and our bodies healthy. Make your bedroom a comfortable room. Get rid of the clutter and keep it dark, cool and quiet at night.
  • Find ways to handle stress. Stress is one of the great agers. It shows up in our faces, in the way we hold our bodies and in our overall health.
  • Don’t let your weight creep up. Older adults find that the pounds tend to pile on. As you age and your metabolism changes, you need to eat less and move more. Make sure that what you are eating is good for you. Treating yourself once in awhile is fine but a steady diet of junk food shows up in your body.
  • Stay interested. Learn new things and keep yourself involved in some type of project. Having hobbies and the more the better, keeps you young.







You do have some say so in how quickly you age. A positive outlook helps and thinking of yourself as old is not the way to go! To read more on aging in reverse, click here.