Senior activity is key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle as you age. It is crucial to living a long time and living well.  Many senior activities includes hobbies. New research shows that mental and social activity are equally important as a proper diet and being active. Having hobbies that involve other people encompass both of these things.

So what kind of senior activity is there you ask?

These activities or hobbies can include many things.

Team sports like bowling. Other group activities like playing cards, bingo, table tennis, croquet, horseshoes, shuffle board, etc.

Then there are the ones that are for one, two or a whole group like crafts, painting, yoga, dancing, swimming, fishing, hiking, walking and so on. Good hobbies include those that are socially engaging not just doing something on your own. and remember variety is the spice of life so mix it up.

Why mix it up?

Hobbies can definitely enrich your life in many positive ways.

They can offer purpose, excitement and something fun to do.

They likely make you get up and out of the house which is key to staying active as well. Depending on what you choose to do, you will get out and socialize with different groups based on interests. There are many other seniors out there to meet.

Another great idea could be getting together with friends and start walking club a couple times a week. Or grab some friends and go swimming at the local community centre. While there join in on a fitness class.  Or join the gym with a friend.

There are endless ideas for hobbies that offer social activity. Again, to be around others start a weekly movie club with your friends. Each week watch a classic or new movie. Have a discussion afterwards. Maybe walk each other home for some physical activity. Just stay busy, have fun and be active!

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