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Music is part of our lives. It’s everywhere really. For some, it has always been a part of our lives. Others just from time to time. I have certain songs that make me think of certain people in my life. Or places. Or times. Do you?

It is suggested that music being played is therapeutic to many people including those with Alzheimer’s or dementia. Music being heard but especially singing is said to release certain chemicals that make us feel good.

I have heard that for years and I believe that. You can catch me driving along belting out a tune especially if I am feeling any kind of stress. It just makes me feel good!

My kids enjoy music and singing very much, too. I believe that’s because they have always been around it. I have a dedicated song for each of them that I sang to them as babies. Not sure if they remember them or not now. But I bet if they heard them, a memory would be triggered! Wonder if those same songs would trigger memories for me one day if I have forgotten?

I also have fond memories of songs both of my parents used to sing about the house or in the car.  Sometimes, I just catch myself singing or humming them. They just randomly pop in to my brain. I may not even realize what I am signing or humming until someone says something. The brain works in mysterious ways!

One time when my Dad was in the hospital and non-responsive, I played a certain favourite song of his. He actually cried. Which confirmed for us that he could hear us, he just couldn’t speak. That was powerful and reassuring! Music is medicine for all of us.

Now seniors and music. We talked in a previous article about how many benefits there are to seniors experiencing music in our article

The video below just reinforces this. A son sings with his father who has Alzheimer’s. Apparently, when they are singing together the son gets ‘his Dad back.’  And Dad knows all the words so there is definitely some memory there when it comes to singing. Priceless to watch. Enjoy listening to this video and everyone keep singing!

Please share with us any videos you have singing with a senior.

Or let us know what songs make an impact in your senior’s life.

Do you have the same experience with music that I do and this son?

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