Striking A Balance – How A Detox Diet For Seniors Should Look Like
Striking A Balance – How A Detox Diet For Seniors Should Look Like

Detox diets have been touted for years, and they often seem to include the ingestion of murky liquids of dubious composition. However, just like any diet, a detox diet works best when it can be turned into a lifestyle. Especially for seniors, detox diets cannot be brutal as they may send the body into a tumbling imbalance that can only hurt the health of those who try them.

There are several principles that seniors should adhere to if they want to get rid of toxins in a healthy manner and without sending their bodies into a shock by depriving their bodies of certain foods or trying to consume foods that can cause a too intense detoxifying effect.

Foods that should be excluded from a senior’s diet

People are what they eat, and that’s a truth that stays with them throughout their lives. Even if you might not have had the healthiest diet until later in life, it’s never too late to start. Of course, if you suffer from chronic conditions such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease, you may already have a guide on what to eat and what to avoid, given to you by your doctor.

For everyone, the following foods should be excluded as they can be the root of many health problems, and therefore, shorten the lifespan of individuals who consume them.

– Sugar

You don’t have to reach for the sugar bowl and pour tablespoon after tablespoon into your tea to have a problem with it. Unfortunately, sugar is present even in foods that you might not suspect having it on their list of ingredients. That is why good advice would be to stick to natural foods as much as possible and avoid processed foods.

– Salt

Just like sugar, salt can be present in a wide variety of foods, as it helps to preserve them and intensify their taste. Again, the simplest method to avoid salt would be to stay away from processed foods of any kind. If you cook at home, use it sparingly.

– White flour

White flour can also become a problem for a senior’s health as it is also a highly processed food that the body cannot break down as quickly and use it as fuel for its natural functions. It is a good idea to replace it with whole wheat. There are plenty of products that are now made with whole grains. If you want a treat, you can get a toaster for 4 slices and make some healthy toast for morning meals.

Foods that should be present more on a senior’s diet

Detoxification has two sides. On the one hand, you need to exclude processed foods and others that can flood your body with toxins, and on the other, you need to increase the intake of those foods that can help you flush out toxins and live healthily.

– Water

Drink as much plain water as you can. There is no better alternative for flushing out toxins. Unsweetened teas are just as great, as they can help you with other benefits since many herbs can help decrease inflammation and destroy bacteria.

– Organic foods

When you can choose, go for organic foods. They are free of pesticides and other sources of toxins, and they can help your body function as it should. The good news is that the body processes organic foods easier and also draws the necessary nutrients more efficiently.

– Fresh fruits and veggies

A proper detox diet for a senior should contain fiber, and raw fruits and vegetables are the most dependable source for it. Leafy greens are dense in nutrients, while low in calories, so they are great for everyone.