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Too often, seniors feel unable to contribute once they reach a certain age. Younger people often don’t appreciate what they have to offer, and seniors feel more and more excluded as a result. Don’t lose heart, though—if you’re a senior, there are many ways you can give back, and many people who would appreciate your wisdom and contributions. Read on to discover three ways seniors can serve their community.

Donate Their Resources

First, there are countless donation programs you can take part in. It could be in support of an animal shelter near your home, a wildlife foundation in your city, or an education program serving underprivileged groups. There are several ways you can donate to a homeless shelter you love. And there are international organizations you breathe life into through your donations, all without leaving your home. There are really no limits, and if you have some extra money saved from working, you’re in a great position to give it for programs that better our future. These programs may accept only monetary donations, specific tangible items, or a mix of both.

Mentor a Young Person

Another way seniors can serve their community is to take an individual approach to affect change and mentor a young person. The protégé can be a child or grandchild of someone you know, your own grandchild, or a young person you connect with through a mentorship program. These relationships allow you to meet and invest in new people, something that can make you feel happy and purposeful while giving them your undivided attention.

Depending on their upbringing, they may need someone to get to know them well and attend to them closely. You’ll do them a lot of good if you see their life, understand their struggles, speak your wisdom, watch them grow, and outwardly recognize their growth. While giving them insight into your life is vital, if you take the time to listen well, this mentorship relationship very well may bloom into a friendship.

Create From Home

For seniors who can’t easily leave their homes and volunteer somewhere, find ways to do good through your creativity at home. Many people crochet or knit blankets for children in the hospital, beanies for newborn babies, or even items homeless people can use to keep warm. Also, harnessing your writing skills for encouragement is another viable option. Connect with a program in which you can write letters to essential workers and thank them for their service or any other group you think deserves or could use an encouraging word.