It’s estimated that more than 200 million people around the world are dealing with osteoporosis. This condition causes your bones to become fragile, brittle, and more prone to breaking. Up to 30% of postmenopausal women are dealing with osteoporosis, and one in every six white women will break their hip at some point during their life.

Dealing with osteoporosis is not fun, but there is no reason you must become part of the statistics above. You can strengthen your bones; the key is to know what to do. From doing the right exercises to drinking milk and reading Thrive reviews and other supplement information, you can find ways to make your bones stronger later in life. Keep reading to learn even more.  

Get More Exercise

Participating in only 30 minutes of exercise per day will help to strengthen your bones and prevent cases of osteoporosis. Some weight-bearing exercises, like walking, tai chi, and yoga, are perfect for this goal. These activities will help your body resist the pull of gravity, which stimulates the growth of bone cells. It’s also a good idea to invest time and effort into strength training, which can help build muscle and increase bone strength.

Eat a Healthy Balance Diet

Leafy green vegetables, fish, and dairy products are full of vitamin D and calcium. These are two substances that have been proven to help improve bone strength.

There is a link present between the Omega-3 fatty acids in fish, flaxseed, and bone health. Blueberries may also help to strengthen your bones. It would help if you tried to get five servings of vegetables and fruits and a minimum of three servings of non-fat and low-fat dairy products, including yogurt, cheese, and milk, each day.

Take Supplements

It is challenging to get the nutrients your body requires just from the food you eat. This is especially true if your appetite is not the same as it was in the past. Omega-3, vitamin D, and calcium supplements have all been shown to improve a person’s bone strength.

Before adding supplements to your routine, it’s a good idea to check with your doctor to figure out if the supplements you take may have a negative impact on any prescription medications you are taking.

Help Your Body Absorb Vitamin D and Calcium 

Sunlight will help your body absorb the vitamin D you get from the foods that you eat. It is recommended that have between five to 10 minutes of exposure to the sun (with no sunscreen) on your face, arms, and hands two to three times a week. This is going to help your body process vitamin D, which is necessary for your bone health.

Avoid Caffeinated Beverages and Salty Foods

Foods that have a high salt content or that are highly processed can keep your body from properly absorbing calcium. Beverages that are highly caffeinated cause the same issues. Try to limit the intake of these foods to improve your bone health and your overall health.

Have a Bone Density Scan

This will not strengthen your bones, but it will let you know if you are doing enough to improve your bone health or if there are additional steps you can take. It is recommended that all women who are over the age of 65 and men who are over 70 have a bone density scan.

Better Health and Strong Bones Are Linked

When you take steps to improve your bone health and build stronger bones, you will also improve your overall health. Not only can you avoid developing osteoporosis with these steps, but you can build stronger bones overall. Remember, it doesn’t matter how old you are. It is never too late to prevent cases of osteoporosis or to build stronger bones. Be sure to start with the tips here and speak with your doctor to see what else you can do to improve and increase bone strength and health.