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bigstock people age family love and 140480408 scaled

With an aging population many of us have parents who are elderly. A lot of older adults are just about to become seniors themselves. Most of us don’t put much thought into how we treat our parents. We usually treat them the way we always have. Sometimes we forget just how old we are. While they are alive we will always be their children, just as our children will always be our “kids” even when they’re 40. But at times we might not be treating them as well as we think we are. Elderly parents need different things from us now that they are older.

What do your senior parents need from you?

  • Call them often. Especially if one of your parents is now on their own, they want to hear from you. Mothers in particular often complain that after their husband has died, their children don’t call them as often. Also, don’t schedule your calls. While it’s nice that your parents hear from you every Sunday at 1 in the afternoon, it makes them feel like you’ve worked them into your to-do list. Elderly seniors often appreciate calls in the evening after they’ve had their supper. It gives them something to smile about when they go to bed that night.
  • Offer to help your them and be sincere when you do it. Yes, the thought is what counts but when you get right down to it, the result of that thought is even more important. Be thoughtful. If you are going grocery shopping, call them and ask if there is anything you could pick up for them.







Elderly seniors are often hurt by the things their children do or don’t do. They may not mention it but the hurt is still there. Click here to read an article on ways that adult children hurt their parents without realizing it.