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Many of us become caregivers at a certain stage in our lives, either to loved ones or to patients. When we become the caregiver of a loved one, it can happen so quickly that we are suddenly immersed in the caregiving role. In other cases, a parent may slowly become debilitated as they age and we gradually do more and more for them.

The Helping Stage







Some people are just born helpful. It comes naturally to them and in the case of a family member it seems normal. Our parent is aging and we help them with small things around the house or take them to appointments. We are there for them the same way they were there for us. We have our parents over for dinner more often and then start to bring them meals. While we’re there we notice tasks around their home that need completing and finish those while we are there.

Full Time Caregiving

As our loved one continues to need more help we increase our efforts. Maybe they have been ill to the point of hospitalization and need care upon returning home. Some may have been diagnosed with an illness or disease that requires medications that need to be monitored. At some point this role turns into a full time job. At this point it can affect the caregiver’s life in many ways. They may still have children at home and most caregivers work outside the home also. This is the point where the caregiver needs to bring in outside help and support.

At this time, most caregivers of family members are in the helping stage. Their loved one is older but can still do many things on their own. As time goes on, these caregivers will find themselves taking on more responsibility. Do you need help with caregiving? We can help!