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Kids are priceless, most people with children would agree despite any kind of agonizing drama that one may experience over the years.

So how priceless are they? And why might a senior feel that their daughter(s) are worth more.







Well, it’s not uncommon for seniors to typically be able to depend on their daughters more than a son. Now we are not saying that sons don’t help out but in general, studies suggest that caregiving responsibilities fall more on a daughter than a son. Verses a senior with only a son or sons, will get some support and hopefully reduce the amount of out side of the home care needed. Both sons and daughters add value to a senior’s life in regards to helping them age.

Why might it be suggested that daughters do more?

One could suggest that daughters tend to be more maternal and therefore feel a stronger need to care for their aging parents. We also know that while more women work today then in previous generations, many women have still put their family needs before their own careers.

What does this mean?

If you have an adult child, it is likely you will not need to enter an assisted living or long term care facility as early as someone without children. This means some financial savings by being able to age in place at home.

And regardless, of sons or daughters, there is usually one in the mix that steps up to help more and sometimes it is simply because of their own other personal circumstances. But having a child to help can range from in home care from them to arranging for in home care for you or ensuring you have the best possible set up at home to help you age in place.

My opinion is whoever steps up, they are saving you money being spent on a facility and/or reduce the amount of time you may have to spend away from your home.

So let’s praise all the adult children who help out their aging parents and give them a big round of applause. And let’s think about all the seniors who have no one to help them out.

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