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Of the nearly 4000 seniors we have moved, most really wanted to stay in their homes. If you have the finances and are willing to accept help, check out the services that are available in your area and cost out each service.

Part of the equation can be the “free’ help from family members. Sometimes children are willing and able to make a regular commitment to help their parents. Today I was with a family whose daughter drives two hours each way, once a week to be supportive help for her mom and dad. For many years Judy committed a morning a week to take parents grocery shopping. Several children we have met have made a financial commitment to enable their parents to get the services needed.

See if there are subsidies or financing available to defray some of the costs. In some communities, people with disabilities are provided with government-funded care-giving. In some countries, money is available to help veterans stay in their own homes. A motion chair, stair lift, or specialized bed could also be provided.

Use this list to help estimate your expenses:

Meals prepared in the home
Meals delivered
Assistance with housework
Interior maintenance
Exterior maintenance
Grass, garden and snow
Paying bills
Computer help
Nursing care
Medication supervision
An in-home hair care service
An in-home foot care service
Other services needed

You may remember one of Lynn Johnson’s cartoons where an elderly lady leaves the dentist’s office and says, “ I used to hate going to the dentist but now it is an OUTING.”

In all of this keep in mind that in many instances major problems with aging are loneliness and poor nutrition. Even if someone is with you two hours a day, there are still twenty-two hours of being alone.

Keep in mind, most people don’t like eating alone all the time. So even if food is available, it doesn’t guarantee it will be eaten. Some people have a sandwich or even a bowl of cereal for supper. A friend has a business called “Tea and Toast.” One day I asked her how she chose the name and her reply was, “That’s what many seniors have for supper.”