Well, whether you are a caregiver or a manager, you only have 24 hours in a day to make a difference. How you use your time is what speaks at the end of it all.

When it comes to caring for your older adult, time management is one of the crucial things you cannot afford to ignore. There is a whole lot to do to keep the older adult comfortable and happy. 







As you may have noticed, most of these older adults usually have some illnesses they are managing. Some have diabetes, Alzheimer’s, hypertension, stress disorder, and arthritis, among other conditions. 

As a caregiver, you are tasked with the duty of ensuring they are taking the right nutrition for seniors, they are clean, they have taken their medications, they are exercising, and overall, they are comfortable. 

Doing all these might be hectic, hence the need for learning how to manage your day-to-day time as a caregiver. In this article, you will learn some of the tips that will help you achieve your day effectively. So, let’s get this started.

Tips to Managing Your Day-to-Day Time 

Do the planning

Where is your place in all these activities? As long as you have given yourself fully as a caregiver, you have the responsibility of ensuring that you don’t collapse. Most caregivers find themselves caring for older adults at the expense of themselves.

This is one way that will make you be worn out over time. No matter how committed you are planning to be to the older adult, you must not forget that you have your own life. You will need something that rejuvenates you. 

Planning is one way you can avoid those last hour scrambles. It enables you to save time and eliminate the stress that comes along with pressure and challenges. So, why not do your planning wisely before you start your activities?


After planning everything, you will come up with a list that contains the To-Do of that particular day. Following this routine and doing all that you have written may not be possible at times. Using the best timesheet app can help you in prioritizing.

There are those activities on your list that will be more important than the other. You must prioritize the most important. Of course, in your To-Do list, you will have those major things that cannot be accomplished fully within some hours. To reduce the discouragement that comes as a result of not accomplishing these major activities fast, go for smaller tasks.

Define out your duties

One thing you have to avoid, especially when working with others is a mix up of duties and responsibilities. There is efficiency that comes when everyone knows and understands their role in any organization. 

When you don’t have an outlined list showing who does what, you will end up flaring tempers. Everyone usually thinks that the other person will do it. As a result, no one does the task. Let everyone understand their roles and responsibilities if you want to achieve more within your 24 hours. There are things a caregiver shouldn’t do, and you will need to know them. 

Never postpone

Procrastination is an enemy of progress to not only caregivers but to managers, business persons, and everyone who follows the time strictly. You have to resist the temptation and get it done.

Be composed

Can you imagine thinking of the bulk work that has not been done all the time? You will turn out to be very ineffective. Moreover, you will be filled with stress. Therefore, it is advisable to concentrate on one thing, at a time before moving to the next thing. With this, you will accomplish more and manage your time better.

Be organized

Most composure usually comes as a result of how well you are organized. Do you know that your mind functions better when you have things organized on your table? This will also avoid unnecessary wastage of time looking for things.

If it becomes too hard for you to get organized, a professional organizer can do that for you.

Be realistic

Well, not everything will be done perfectly as you expect. Therefore, you must be realistic about what you can achieve. Yes, you may be having a lot in your mind that needs to be achieved. However, you don’t have to go harsh on yourself.

Plan for hiccups

What will you do when things run contrary to what you expected? Well, sometimes our plans may not fall into place as we expected. If you have an awareness that it is expected, you will have the capacity to spring back faster to your normal routine.


Failure is one way you get into your success. When working as a caregiver, you will have some detours in your time management. Planning for them before they happen is the best thing. The above time management tips will enable you to bounce back even when you fail. So, what other time management tricks do you use?