For many of us, driving is a key part of feeling independent. Though it’s a part of everyday life, driving can become more and more of an issue as you age—especially when it comes time to renew your license. However, you can reduce this stress and continue to enjoy your time on the road by taking care of yourself and paying close attention to your driving abilities. To help you out, here are four tips for renewing your license as a senior citizen.

Get Ahead of the Process

When it comes time to renew your license, don’t put it off until the last minute. Get a head start on the process by preparing before your license is about to expire. Make an appointment with your local Department of Motor Vehicles. Before you go, gather all the documents and information you need so you’re ready when you arrive.

Regular Sight and Hearing Exams

You must be able to see and hear everything that’s going on around you in order to drive safely. This is why paying attention to your vision and hearing is important. Schedule annual checkups so you can stay on top of any potential problems. Make sure you always have any prescribed glasses or hearing aids when you go to get your license renewed, as well as every other time you get into the car.

Prepare for Tests

Depending on the laws in your state, you might have to retake the driving test when you get your license renewed. This will include both a knowledge and vision test. You can prepare by studying your state’s driver handbook or finding practice tests online. It’s normal to be a little nervous, but it doesn’t have to be a stressful experience. Take your time, read each question carefully, and you’ll do fine.

Brush up on Your Skills

The most important tip for renewing your license as a senior citizen is to be the best driver you can be. There are always ways to improve and become a safer driver. Make sure you’re driving under the best circumstances every time you hit the road. Get plenty of rest and learn how any medications you take affect your driving. If you know yourself and your abilities, you should have no problems staying on the road.