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Making the change to assisted living is difficult for a senior, even one who has chosen this themselves. Your loved one may understandably regret their loss of independence. If they are still in their home it is a double loss. Many of us also feel guilty when a parent needs to move from their home. assisted living. We feel that we should have been able to provide for them in their senior years. We wonder if we have made the right decision or if there was another way we could have handled senior living for our parents.

How can we make the change to assisted living easier for our parents?

  • Make sure your parent is part of the process of choosing where to live. Then work with them to decorate their living space and make it a home. Whether it is an apartment or a room the space your loved one lives in should make them feel safe, comfortable and content. Surround them with their favorite things. Include items for hobbies such as crafts, reading or writing.
  • Visit as often as possible. Many seniors worry that once they are in an assisted living facility their children will forget about them. Bring meals and baked items. Take them out for concerts or other activities that they enjoy. Don’t let the move to assisted living totally change their lives.
  • Give your parent and yourself time to adjust to the change. Just like moving to a new home or a new city, assisted living requires an adjustment period, especially for the more introverted senior. Help them to meet like-minded seniors who also live there.







Ask questions of the staff and other residents of the facility where your parent has moved. Find out about activities that are offered or bus tours for residents. Ask your loved one’s healthcare provider for advice on the move. Moving to assisted living is a big step and one that can be made smoothly once you have enough information. To read more on ways to helps elderly parents transition to assisted living, click here.