You’ve been hearing about it now for months. Thanks to increasing vaccination rates, the world is finally getting back to traveling. Naturally, people are jumping at the opportunity. And, more specifically, many baby boomers – the subset of the population that has been vaccinated for many months now, some of whom are even starting to take a booster shot as reinforcement – are jumping on the opportunity to get back out into the world. 

But how do we re-engage with a world that for a year felt so distant and disconnected?

It’s certainly not an easy task, but breaking down language barriers is undoubtedly a key first step. To that end, Pocketalk – a hand-held, two-way translation device featuring a large, user-friendly touchscreen, noise-cancelling microphones and a text-to-translate camera – not only helps puts a traveler’s mind at ease after a year of lockdown and limited human interaction but is also a highly useful must-have tool to once again facilitate connection and talk to anyone wherever you go, making travel an overall more engaging and satisfying experience.

Every year, more boomers enter retirement, and many then finally have the time and disposable income to enjoy travel. As we know, this generation does not like to be tethered to their smartphones, making Pocketalk a must-have tool – the translation device is completely separate from your phone, making it easy to leave some technology at home and completely immerse yourself in your surroundings.

In addition, according to AARP, 50% of baby boomers have a desire to get in touch with local cultures while traveling abroad. Pocketalk then provides translations in 82 languages in more than 130 countries and regions, including a camera that translates text, the written word and signs, allowing users to have authentic communication that unites people of all nationalities and cultures around the world. The team also just added Pocketalk Plus to its product lineup, which features an 85% larger display.

It’s time to re-enter the world and thankfully, tools like Pocketalk are making the transition back to travel a smooth one – particularly for the baby boomer set.

The Pocketalk S and Pocketalk Plus are now available for purchase on their website and Amazon. For more information, visit the online newsroom and follow Pocketalk on Instagram and Facebook.