Wisdom Warriors

To grow older is a privilege not afforded to everyone and those lucky enough to experience the senior stage of life are gifted not only with wisdom but with opportunity. 

The Wisdom Warrior Challenge is an opportunity for seniors aged 50 to 105 years old to get active and socialize, showcase their vibrancy and energy, and dispel the myth that aging means settling into a sentient lifestyle.

“Our society tends to associate athleticism and physical challenges with the young,” said founder Linda Borgmeyer. “We are breaking these stereotypes, showing that age is not a barrier to physical achievement.”

“When I first signed up for the race, I only expected to do the 50 meter race,” said Chuck Sawicki, an 80 year old US Army Veteran and Resident at La Posada in Palm Beach Gardens. “But as I began training, I realized I was capable of much more than that and eventually worked my way up to a mile. Now I make it a point to get moving every day.”

Born from humble roots in 2019 as a group of 19 seniors training together for a local 5k race, the initiative has evolved considerably, spanning two states with over 1000 athletes participating. 

There are 22 events scheduled for 2024 and kickoff was held at Vi at Lakeside Village in Lantana.  The competition is broken down into several categories by distance and age and even includes a wheelchair division. 

Inclusivity is foundational to the Challenge and seniors of all capabilities are encouraged to participate with divisions for those using canes, walkers and wheelchairs for mobility and the qualification requires nothing more than being 50 or older and being able to repeat the statement, “Age is just a number, and I am so much more than a number!”

Economic inclusivity is also vital to the initiative. The average sign-up fee for a 5k runs anywhere between $35-$50 and special event races like the Disney 5k can cost up to $100 just to sign up.

The Wisdom Warrior Challenge is free for all participants thanks to support from sponsors such as Fox Rehabilitation, a clinician-operated, professional private practice of physical, occupational, and speech therapists, AARP, and Nonprofits Nest, a mission-minded marketing solutions provider.

“The impact of WWC goes beyond just physical health. It’s about community, mental health, and breaking down age-related stereotypes,” Linda said. “By bringing these events to different locations across the US, we’re not just encouraging physical activity; we’re fostering a sense of community and belonging among seniors.”

The 2024 Wisdom Warrior Challenge starts in March and goes through April. There is still time to sign up and interested seniors can do so at the Wisdom Warrior Challenge website here: https://www.wisdomwarriorchallenge.org/. For more information, please contact Wisdom Warrior Challenge via their website (listed above) via email at: WisdomWarriorChallenge@gmail.com or by calling 561-202-7650.