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Retirement means you can finally kick back and enjoy life. Without having to work 40 hours a week, there’s so much more you can do with your time. Whether you choose to travel, do something amazing with your home, or both, there’s so much to choose from. Here are some ways you can really enjoy your retirement. 


The world is yours to explore. Visit far-flung destinations and spend extended time in them. Extend long weekend trips to spend more time in your favorite spots. Is there somewhere you’ve always wanted to go? Now is the time. 

Cruising may be a good option here, especially if you’re not comfortable traveling. Take a cruise to Alaska or through the Mediterranean to see breathtaking beauty and living history. Or take a wine tour on the California coast. An RV is another great way to get around if you want to see more of the United States. Use it to visit national parks and other great sites.

Be a Snowbird

Are you tired of freezing winters but don’t want to sell your home to move south? Buy a second piece of property in one of your favorite southern locations and live there for part of the year. Places like Naples and The Villages in Florida were practically designed for retirees. Don’t spend your winters indoors. Instead, purchase a second home in the south so you can wear sandals all winter long. 

Remodel Your Home

If snowbird life just isn’t for you, or you already live in the south, consider making some upgrades in your home. Whether it’s a new garden, workout room or pool, there are so many ways to make your home the home of your dreams. Search for “custom pools Houston” or “gardens in Texas” online for ideas. 

Take Up a New Hobby

This may go hand-in-hand with remodeling your home or traveling, but you’ve finally got the time to take up a new hobby. Have you wanted to get into woodworking? Purchase some equipment and start creating your own works of art. Are you interested in yoga? Start practicing every day. Hiking is another great hobby to try, especially if you’re going to be traveling to natural areas. There’s no better time to see the picturesque beauty of the world. Visit national parks in the United States, Canada and around the world. Take in the beauty around you. 

Make a Big Purchase

If you’re not sure about remodeling your home and traveling isn’t for you, invest in another big purchase. Make this purchase something that will make your hobbies even more enjoyable. Like to golf? Buy a golf cart. Love the water? Get yourself a speed boat. Invest in your retirement by purchasing the equipment to make your hobbies the highlight of your days. 

Get a Second Job or Volunteer

Though there’s much to do, like hiking and traveling, you may find yourself looking for a routine activity to add some structure to your week. Consider getting a part time job or volunteering to add this structure and routine to your days. Places like public libraries and parks are in need of volunteers. Often, they are looking for part time paid employees as well. This is a great opportunity to give back. If you have an expertise, like gardening communication, you may even be able to teach a class centered around your skill at a park or library. 

Write a Book

If working  a bit more sounds fun, but you would rather do it on your own terms, write a book. Impart the wisdom you hold on future generations or write the next great American novel. Even if you don’t publish it, this is something your family can keep and pass along for years to come. 

No matter what you do, how you spend your money, or what sort of fun you have, make sure you are making your retirement everything you’ve ever dreamed of. You’ve earned it!