I recently heard about various seniors centres setting up intergenerational programs. What a great idea! But you don’t need to look at a senior centre to find these relationships. They are becoming more frequent and offer many benefits.

What are the benefits of intergenerational relationships?

  1. Seniors learn from younger generations and vice versa.

2. Knowledge sharing and transfer. Youngsters can bring seniors up to speed on the fast world we live in and seniors can help youngsters look at things from a different point of view.

3. Companionship.  May be more fun to hang out with someone with a totally different lifestyle, or outlook or opinion on life.

4. Seniors may have reduced risk of depression and loneliness and likewise for the younger generation that may feel they don’t have anyone.

5. They simply help each other out.

Typically the senior has vast experiences to share. While the younger person is still experimenting with life. Both scenarios can provide invaluable insights to the other.

The most successful intergenerational relationships tend to have at least one thing in common that initially brings them together. And then they grow from there. Likeany relationship, learning and enjoying each others company. What a wonderful thing.

See Facebook video that sparked this article.