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Now that you’ve made the plunge and bought an iPhone, tablet or Android device, what apps are out there that will keep you entertained and informed? Seniors are looking for applications that are both useful to them and easy to use. Read about 7 essential apps for seniors!

So what are these 7 essential apps?

Communication Tool

For iPhone, the communication tool was developed to help those with dementia communicate more easily. The app has over 500 pictures and you can download your own to use as well.

Pill Reminder Pro

Also for iPhone, the pill reminder is to schedule your medication times. The app will remind you what to take, at what time, with a message.

Yesterday, USA – Old Time Radio

For the many fans of old time radio, this is a free app with radio shows from the 20’s through to the 50’s.

Find my iPhone

Another must have app, Find my iPhone allows you to lock your data and locate your phone if you misplace it. It will show you your current location plus the location of your phone on an easy to read map.

Red Panic Button

In case of an accident, emergency or any need for assistance, Red Panic Button is simple to use. Open the app and hit the red button. Though there is a very small charge for this app it is more than worth it for the peace of mind it will give you and your loved ones.


Luminosity is a fun collection of games and brain training exercises that all seniors will enjoy but is essential to those with dementia or other conditions where cognitive function is declining.


Amazon’s Kindle is available as either an Android or Apple app. Seniors with vision problems will appreciate Kindle as font sizes can be adjusted, making letters on the page larger and therefore easier to read.

Smartphones and tablets can improve a senior’s life by allowing them to get help quickly when needed, stay in touch with loved ones and have easy access to important medical information. The right collection of apps will help them make the most of the technological devices that are available.



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