Seniors Lifestyle Magazine Coloured Belts scaled
Seniors Lifestyle Magazine Coloured Belts scaled

We talk about all the things seniors can do to stay healthy and active.We also know that it is important for seniors to stay active and be social to avoid isolation and depression.  Keeping track of your fitness goals can be a great motivator as well. Imagine tracking with colours? Starting with the basic white, moving through yellow, orange, green, blue etc. and then finally achieving black. You know what sport I am talking about. Martial arts. In this case karate. With determination, perseverance, a strong will and mind, anything is achievable. Including earning your black belt as a senior.

What are the benefits of karate?

A weaponless self defense sport that can provide the following benefits:

  1. Self defense skills.
  2. Improved flexibility, strength, coordination, and endurance. 
  3. Stress reduction through mental awareness and physical activity.
  4. Improved self-confidence by learning a new skill, improving your mental state and your physical state.


Some may feel they are too old to start something new? Many may feel that martial arts are for younger folks. Think again!

You must read and be inspired by a 72 year old, who not only is a cancer survivor but just earned her black belt in karate. Her amazing story through the original article here