Stay in Shape
Stay in Shape

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Exercising and healthy habits are essential to a long and healthy life. Many people associate exercise with only younger or middle-aged groups. That shouldn’t be the case. Even if seniors started their journey to a healthier life, it still has a significant impact on their quality of life and longevity. Seniors who exercise don’t necessarily have a bigger threat of injury or accidents. 

Exercising benefits senior citizens in many areas, including arthritis and healthy bones and muscles, reduces the risks from heart disease, diabetes, and many others. If you want to know 8 simple ways to stay in shape, continue reading.

1. Understand the Benefits

It’s not only important to do physical activity – but you also need to have a good mental state about exercising and healthy living. Many seniors have a mentality that there is no point in exercising now – it’s too late, they find it difficult to move, etc. The reasons are plenty. 

Many of them are happening just because of a lack of physical activity. If you understand how important exercising is, your motivation will go up and you will find the strength to do it. Start simple and always adjust if you feel the activities are hurting you.

2. Start Slowly

If you haven’t exercised for a long time, you will need some time to adjust again. Moving your body after years of sitting down or doing low-intensity movements can be a shock to your system. Take your time and plan for getting healthy. It’s a journey after all. 

If you try to do everything at once like exercise, lean diet, give up all unhealthy habits – there is a high chance of giving up. Find an activity that suits your needs and wants and start from there. The movement will help push you in the right direction of other healthy choices.

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3. Be Understanding

We can be our worst enemies. It often happens that we perceive every mistake or slip up as something we can never get back from. Instead of continuing your journey, you stop completely and never go back. 

Motivation and will-power are a big part of exercising and sticking with the plan. But even if you take a small break, make a mistake or slip up, that doesn’t mean it’s over. Have an understanding for yourself and always try to start again.

4. Daily Exercising

You don’t need to go to a gym to exercise. There are plenty of opportunities in your home for a good workout. Walking a dog can turn into a great cardio workout. Take the opportunity to run instead of walking the dog. 

If you have your own garden, heavy gardening can get you into shape very quickly. Pulling out weeds, digging, walking around – it all ads up to a good workout. Cleaning around the house can also help you get in shape. However you move, it will benefit your health.

5. Resistance and Balance

After a certain age, we start to lose muscle mass and our bones get weaker. Losing muscle mass and strength means you don’t have the support you need for your back, legs, and other parts of the body. The spine is heavily supported by ab muscles. 

Resistance and strength training is key to keeping the strength of our muscles intact or just slow down the loss. Resistance training uses body weights and equipment like resistance bands. Always take your body into consideration and don’t overdo it.

6. Aerobics

Aerobics exercise can be any type of cardio workout like running, cycling, etc. Besides these sports, aerobics classes can be a dance class. Aerobics dance exercises are great if you prefer to move around to the beat and combine exercise with a choreography. 

There are classes and videos you can follow for any level. Aerobics will surely get you into shape. They are perfect for weight loss and overall flexibility.

7. Riding a Bike

Bicycles are an extremely healthy means of transportation, as well as a cardio exercise that will get you in shape in no time. Riding a bike is not only good for the environment, but it also supplies a means to exercise. It’s also great for your heart health and knee pains. 

Bikes are easily accessible, and a local bike discount can help with shopping. Take proper precautions while riding a bike. Wear a helmet and knee pads, as well as fitting clothes for biking.

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8. Pilates

Pilates is an immensely popular low-impact exercise. It combines breathing, balance, focus, and core strength into exercises that will help your whole body become strong and flexible. You use mats for Pilates, as well as blocks, Pilates balls, and other equipment. It’s a low-stress form of exercise, perfect for any age group.

Getting back into shape is possible at any age. No matter how difficult it may seem, do your best and never give up. Listen to your body and do as you feel comfortable. There are many exercises to choose from, so don’t stay at ones you don’t feel good with.