monika grabkowska WYr1bhT42hc unsplash scaled
monika grabkowska WYr1bhT42hc unsplash scaled

Many seniors with dementia still retain long term memory. They associate certain smells, seasons and people with particular holidays. For those who remember the enjoyment of Easter, different activities can help them bring back the joy of past holidays and springtime in general.

Easter is a good time for family gatherings and your loved one can reconnect with friends and family members through the following activities:

  • Easter egg hunt. Many communities host Easter egg hunts and activities for families and children. Take your senior loved one along to enjoy the  fun and the spring weather. You can also have your own Easter egg hunt at home, indoors or outdoors. Invite the grandchildren and great grandchildren. Then take your loved one for a walk in their neighbourhood to enjoy the spring flowers.
  • Religious services. There are a lot of seniors who attend church or who used to attend services regularly. Services on Good Friday and Easter Sunday can be at various times, making it easier for a senior to attend with family. If they are in a long term care facility, services are often available throughout the weekend or at a senior centre. Attending or participating in religious services can be stimulating for those with dementia.
  • Craft projects. There are many crafts associated with this holiday, from egg painting to flower arranging. If your senior loved one is interested in crafts, spend some time with them this holiday weekend coloring eggs for children in the family or for other seniors if they are in a senior facility. Do they still love chocolate? Find something they’ll enjoy eating as an Easter treat.

From games to movies if it’s a rainy weekend, there are various ways you and your senior loved one can enjoy the holiday and bring back memories of Easter past. Staying mentally engaged can slow the progress of dementia. To read more on Easter activities for seniors with dementia, click here.








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