Walkers, lift chairs everywhere but often the bed area is where mobility problems can be the worst- and people with Parkinson’s are often affected much more than other afflictions. Bed transfers can be dangerous for both the affected person and any caregivers that are involved. What can be equally difficult (and often impossible) is the ability to independently reposition in bed for comfort and to reduce the risk of bed sores.

Assistive devices are available but often are flimsy items (like trapezes, bedrails) made overseas and not suitable/safe to provide adequate assistance. “Friendly Beds” is an innovative/new product to address the bed mobility needs of people with Parkinsons and other issues. It allows a person to “help themselves” for improved safety, independence, self-esteem, and opportunity to build strength. Quality of life is a huge consideration for people with disabilities and “Friendly Beds” presents them choices that never existed before.

Common situations for people with Parkinson’s:

  • Heavy people cannot get in/out of bed (or independently reposition)- lightweight spouse getting up many times a night to roll their spouse over or otherwise help them. UTIs can be common requiring getting out of bed even more often at night.
  • Falls are becoming more commonplace and risk of injury increases greatly for the person and spouse (or other caregiver). A serious fall/injury can cause a person to leave their home forever.
  • People being forced to leave their home and move to expensive extended care facilities because of their bed mobility problems.
  • People that no longer can get in/out of bed- some are forced to sleep in a recliner for years- bad for a person’s back and bedsore risk increases due to not changing position.
  • People leaving their comfortable wide bed (with space to roll over or sleep with a bed partner) thinking their only remaining choice is to sleep alone in an uncomfortable hospital bed the rest of their lives- they now have a choice that never existed before.
  • People buying expensive adjustable beds with the expectation that transfer problems will be solved when often the bed does nothing to address the problem- and a soft mattress can make repositioning problems even worse.
  • Around the clock caregivers may be needed to help a person at night- or sometimes family members take turns “staying over” to provide assistance.
  • If no nighttime help a person unable to get out of bed risks death in case of fire.
  • In cases of little/no leg strength the transfer bar option allows many the ability to safely/independently bed transfer.

It is likely that many people with Parkinsons (or caregiver) will be describing some of the above situations- this new product (“Friendly Beds”) may be a perfect solution for many of these issues.

Friendly Beds: heavy duty free-standing steel framework for over a person’s existing bed covering most widths, types, and brand of bed- allows people to stay in their present bed despite mobility issues. Components designed to work together for unique benefits. A 36” long trapeze allows movement across a wide bed, maximum stability, “exercise”, and easy adjustment. Attached sturdy balance pole to aid in standing up and maintaining balance vs. crashing with resultant injuries. Stable pivoting assist rails- can be leaned on (in three positions) or used for repositioning. Integral overhead lighting for fall prevention. Transfer Bar Option for people with little/no leg strength.

Some examples of how Friendly Beds helps people that are struggling to remain safe and independent. Elderly/disabled people often have huge problems with getting in/out of bed and/or repositioning in bed. Many times it is the lightweight spouse at the most risk because they are one step from disaster- now a person can “help themselves” to avoid injuries that are sure to happen.

This is a product that changes people’s lives- providing unique benefits not possible with any other items in the market. Sometimes this is the only reason the person can remain home at all.   


Testimonials: “Bed is set up.  Looks awesome.  Love the looks of it and it appears to be very functional.  I am sure we will love it. He got in and out of bed several times with just a little help.”  A FEW DAYS LATER- “David is getting stronger, and able to get himself out of bed and turn over in bed.  I wish we had found you sooner. Thanks” – Rosalie S.  (Parkinson’s) California


“The product went together perfectly. It has made my dad’s life so much easier. It has also been a tremendous help for my mother. My mom says you have saved her back since my dad is now able to help himself get up. Since my dad is on dialysis he needs to get up every few hours and roll over, with your product he is now able to do it by himself and he no longer needs to wake up my mom to assist him. Your product is amazing and well thought out!” Scott P. (amputee, etc.) Long Island, New York.


“It is really, really wonderful- I am ecstatic; You have given me my independence back; I am a very pleased customer!” – Barbara G. (post-polio syndrome- no leg strength) California.


“Dad is so very pleased with it. Has had 2 nights with the system and he reports a freedom with it that he hasn’t experienced in a long time. With the hospital bed and then the trapeze overhead and the pole next to it, all are in place to give him security and mobility! He is very encouraged. I hope the exercise involved with make him stronger. Again, we are so thankful God led us to your website.  This is truly an American made product with a heart!” Vicki (Parkinsons) Oklahoma


“Wow! We love the new Friendly Bed! It is already making a huge difference, both for my dad’s mobility and safety, and for my Mom’s safety. It has given us all hope as well. Thank you for creating this and for making it available. What amazing and timely service!”- Kathy S. (Leg neuropathy- many falls and bed transfer issues) Missouri


This shows the impact our product can have on people’s lives- can help many people that are struggling. For more information please see or call 920-915-8433.

Please be sure to mention you heard about Friendly Beds from Seniors Lifestyle Magazine and you may be eligible for a discount!!



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