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For many seniors, the day they turn 65 is the day things change and they suddenly realize they are old. They also realize that everyone needs a little help, some more than others, and seniors are excellent examples of citizens who are paying it forward.

Seniors help others in many ways, volunteering is the most obvious example of this. They have a lot to teach others when it comes to helping.

In what other ways do seniors show paying it forward and what attitudes led to their great ability to share?

  • Many seniors grew up in times when most didn’t have a lot of money. They learned at an early age to help the less fortunate.
  • As seniors grew older they realized there would come a point when they would need help. Knowing this, they try to lend a helping hand to others, hoping those that they help will one day find a way to pass on this service.
  • Many seniors come out of their shells and care more about others as they age. Caring is the one thing everyone can do that doesn’t cost them a cent but the results are obvious to the caregiver and to those on the receiving end of their care.
  • As we age, we learn it’s the little things that count. Helping someone in a small way can change their whole day and sometimes their whole life!
  • Seniors also know how to pay it forward because life is too short to not help others. By helping them, they’ve learned to help themselves.It isn’t how you give help or what you do. It’s the simple act of giving that changes things.

Check out this video that inspired this article.