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Seniors Lifestyle Magazine Seniors Travelling

Senior Travel Considerations

Just like anyone else seniors need to take special care when travelling. Senior travel is truly important whether a day trip or a long haul here are some things to consider and plan for to make travelling easier and more comfortable.

  1. Pack snacks – you never know when you may get delayed, so some small nutritious snacks on hand may come in handy. Could be a piece of fruit, granola bar or whatever just something to keep energy up!
  2. Bring water – many places now offer water refill stations which allow you to ensure proper hydration especially in the summer heat so bring a refillable water bottle.
  3. Wet wipes – great little things that don’t take up too much room and can provide an easy way to clean hands, face or simply wipe off some sweat to feel fresh.
  4. Wear a hat – shielding seniors from the elements can help keep them comfortable and prevent heat or sun stroke.
  5. Sunscreen – yes, at any age protecting your skin is critical so make sure you put some on before you go and perhaps bring some along in case you need to reapply.
  6. Wear layers – it is easy to remove layers if temperatures rise and add them back if the weather changes. Light weight layers are always best and offer flexibility for whatever comes your way!
  7. Footwear – make sure you have comfortable footwear on for whatever you may be planning to do. Even if you aren’t walking around much, sore feet will dampen your day.
  8. Know what’s where – when you arrive at your destination, locate the nearest washroom so you know where you need to go for facility needs. Better than running around last minute looking when the need arises! Also check out the first aid centre just to be safe.
  9. Bring your wallet – even if you don’t plan on spending any money, you never know when you may need a few dollars for whatever so make sure to have a wallet or small purse with some money and identification.  Might just be an ice cream cone on a hot day!
  10. Fanny packs – small and discreet, little fanny packs or smaller backpacks can house all the items mentioned above and not take up too much room or be cumbersome to carry.

Overall, some may think these 10 little suggestions may be a given for senior travel or any travelling but it is always nice to have a clean, clear list to look at to help make your outing a wonderful one!