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Aging gracefully is a common wish people have for themselves and their loved ones. However, it turns out that we need more grace as we go grey. Naturally, the body undergoes many gradual changes as we grow older, and this is inevitable. Depending on factors such as genetics, diet, and lifestyle, many seniors experience various challenges with their external health. 

Eyesight Issues

The eye is an important part of human anatomy. If your vision is impaired, it comes with a reduced ability to perform your daily life tasks. This is a major health care problem faced by many seniors around the globe. That is why you find that most aged people wear spectacles to enhance their vision.

As you grow older, the various parts that make up the eyes become drier, the lens strength may decline, and things may start looking blurry. Images become distorted, along with difficulty in reading. Despite age being a common cause of vision issues, glaucoma, cataract, and diabetic retinopathy are also some common causes. 

Reduced Mobility 

Muscle health is important, and it is every human’s joy to be able to move about without any discomfort. Healthy bones, joints, and muscles boost our performance. As you age, you may start feeling weak and fatigued more often, along with changes in posture and gait. Reduced bone density, muscle mass, strength, and cartilage thickness tend to make the joints stiffer. 

That is why you will find some old folks walking with canes and other mobility assist devices. Thankfully, a healthy diet and more calcium intake can help improve your muscle, bone, and joint health. It can help improve balance and avoid further body damage from bruises and structures. 

Hearing Loss

According to ear care professionals in Ontario, some people experience a gradual loss of hearing as they grow old. Over time, the delicate parts of the ear could become impaired, and one could end up losing their sense of hearing completely, especially when exposed to high-pitched sounds.

This is why many seniors resort to using hearing aids. These devices not only make it easier for you to listen, but they also help block unwanted noises that could damage your ears further. To ensure that they serve you better for longer, getting your hearing aids clean should be part of your routine. The good thing is that these heavenly devices come with a user manual that explains how to keep them well maintained.

Bowel and Bladder Issues

Have you ever noticed adult diapers in the stores and wondered what they are for? Well, these are meant for use by seniors who suffer from bladder and bowel incontinence. It could be due to underlying chronic health conditions like diabetes and mental health issues like dementia. While it may seem like an embarrassing topic to talk about, these issues are real and affect very many people in their golden years. All they need is help and support rather than stigmatization.

Old age also comes with changes in the skin, face, teeth and gums, hair and nails, memory, and sleep. As far as aging is concerned, change is inevitable, and we have to face it with a brave attitude. Being aware of some of these changes can help you take better care of yourself or a loved one who is a senior.