Gift Ideas for Seniors scaled
Gift Ideas for Seniors scaled

Everyone loves receiving gifts and many of us love to give them, but giving a gift to a senior should mean something different for both the giver and the receiver.

What gifts do seniors appreciate the most?

  • Tickets to somewhere you know they’d really enjoy. Sports tickets for sports fans, concert, ballet or theatre tickets for those who enjoy the arts.
  • A day at the spa. No one enjoys a massage and relaxing day more than those who have stiff joints or arthritis.
  • A scrapbook or album filled with meaningful photos that you can both look at together.
  • A journal for those who enjoy writing down their thoughts each day.
  • Safety items such as a grip bar for the shower or a useful item like a magnifier floor lamp to make it easier for reading or any work that is done up close.
  • Anything to do with technology as seniors love their tablets, smartphones and computers. They are also useful for so many things such as taking online courses and keeping in touch with far off relatives and friends.
  • Gift certificates for restaurants or cinemas, also gift certificates that can be redeemed at online retailers.
  • Treat baskets filled with goodies they love such as soaps, coffee and tea, hot chocolate and candy. Keep in mind any dietary restrictions they may have.
  • Framed family pictures, especially of the two of you.
  • A flannel robe with warm cozy socks for the coldest nights.
  • Oversized playing cards, jigsaw puzzles or crossword puzzle and word game books.
  • A subscription to a call in service for those who are very elderly and frail.
  • Anything homemade such as cookies, a blanket or an afghan.
  • Audio books or a subscription to an audio book rental service, or large print books by their favourite author.
  • Any assistive items they may need or services such as housecleaning.

The best gift of all is the gift of your time. Many seniors are isolated or lonely and would love to just have you stop in regularly to spend time with them. Bring a small gift like homemade cookies or if possible, take them out to lunch nearby. It breaks up the routine of their days and gives them something to look forward to.