Aging well
Aging well

For many of us, when we are young it seems that confidence in ourselves is a wellspring that will never run dry. It is unlikely most of us even think about that spring at all. We assume that nature has provided a bottomless supply of good will and plopped it down for our benefit. Heads turn when we stride down the street glowing with health and beauty. Our morning routine is quick as it requires little time to run a brush through our thick, shiny hair. Even less time is needed to swipe on lip gloss and just like that we are perfectly turned out for the day. Every once in a while a special event requires additional efforts. Two swipes of mascara are thrown in, a dash of blush across the cheeks, maybe some lipstick is applied along with the usual swipe of lip gloss and our appearance is picture perfect.

Things may not be the same now, but loving yourself and enhancing your natural beauty can be accomplished at any age. Here are a few tips to get you started on the path to confidence.

Accepting Your Age

The day comes for everyone; when a glance in the mirror turns into a longer gaze of surprise, even consternation. A glimpse of lines and wrinkles in our familiar faces reveals a deeper sense of worry in ourselves. So we allot more time to our morning routine, covering and concealing in order to retain our glowing appearance. We still stride with assurance that life will hand us what we want when granted with a smile. Instinct tells us not to question that belief too closely. Some insight warns us that self-confidence is no longer a bottomless wellspring.

In reality, it is the confidence imbued in us that has compelled the world to vie for our attention. Confidence in oneself is highly attractive. Ironically, it often demands age to reveal that insight. Many of us face a conundrum when that realization hits. We don’t know how to maintain confidence in who we are without relying on youthful good looks. Publications such as Forbes Magazine show how our self-confidence as working women is affected by the focus on beauty. Our sense of value and self-worth can suffer a stunning blow when confronted with changes in our physical appearance. It is vital to our well-being to incorporate healthy and graceful techniques to showcase our natural beauty.

This isn’t meant to sound pessimistic, but realizing that you have aged and no longer look the same as when you were in your 20’s is just part of life. The best thing you can do for yourself is to not dwell on the past and let it bring you down. Appreciate those times in your life and look back only to feel gratitude for the memories, not to wish you could go back. Once you accept your age, you will find a new confidence within. Being proud of how old you are shows the people around you, and yourself, that you love who you’ve become and aren’t afraid to hide it. Walk tall knowing that you’ve lived and experienced many things and you’re ready to experience more!

Enhance, Don’t Hide

Accepting your age also means accepting how your body has changed through time. Wrinkles, thinning hair, or drooping skin should never make you feel ashamed. These features show a lifetime of experience and wisdom. As long as you acknowledge your beauty in its natural form, there’s nothing wrong with having a little fun and enhancing what’s already there. Here are a few ways to do just that:

A Touch of Makeup

There is no age limit on lipstick or mascara. The purpose of using makeup is to enhance the beauty that is already present, and there’s nothing wrong with showing off your favorite facial features. The use of mascara can bring out the color of your eyes while making them appear brighter and bigger. Lipstick adds color and life to your face while drawing attention to that beautiful smile of yours.

Add a Pep to Your Step

While getting older, your energy levels have likely plummeted while your body aches and joint problems have skyrocketed. Just because this is normal, doesn’t mean you have to put up with it. Accepting your age doesn’t mean you have to accept it’s symptoms. 

There are specific products such as vitamins or a thrive patch that can assist in your transition to a confidence in yourself that has deep roots. Finding products that give you an extra boost will help enhance your true natural beauty and overall health. Transitioning your beliefs about the basis of self-worth brings valuable insight. Realization comes that our beauty is not superficial, it is timeless and it only deepens with age.

Feeling healthier and brighter helps you tap into that natural beauty that never fades. Once you discover your timeless beauty, you can truly be confident in who you are. True self-confidence is not superficial. People are attracted to the confidence you project. When you stride down the street glowing with true confidence the world will take notice and offer the same timeless rewards.

Play With Style

Nobody ever said an older woman needs to dress like one. Of course, I would suggest that there is a rule to dressing age appropriate, but there is no reason to own a boring and distressing wardrobe. Your style is unique to you, and it is a great way to show your personality and confidence. Dressing with pride can induce a little extra excitement into your day. Don’t shy away from patterns and clothes that show your figure. Even adding a small heel or handbag before going out can bring back the confidence you long for.

Your younger days are gone, but that’s no cause for mourning. Now is the time to embrace where your life is now and make the most out of everyday. By following the tips in this article, you’ll be able to see a difference in yourself and the way you interact with others. Embrace your natural beauty and the confidence that comes with it.