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Everyone deserves some unconditional love in their life. From childhood to retirement, every person deserves to show love and feel love. But there’s more than one way to experience that emotion and support. For some, it’s familial relationships; for others, it’s the love of travel. One of our favorites is pet love—whether it’s the cat who’s always around or the dog who sleeps with you on the bed. Pets, and dogs specifically, can be that wonderful opportunity for people to experience love. Below, we’ll discuss some of the key reasons why seniors should get a dog. Check them out!

Offers Companionship

One of the most beautiful things about dogs is how wonderful they are at introducing a tight-knit companionship to the owner. Loneliness is often an unwelcome, underlying theme in a senior’s life. This loneliness can lead to depression and even some physical problems. A dog’s schedule can mold to the needs of the owner, so one always feels supported. 

Helps Maintain a Routine

In addition, dogs help seniors maintain a daily routine. Though having a pet is an important responsibility, it’s not something that is particularly taxing. The actual routine of taking care of a dog helps provide structure and purpose to daily life, especially if someone lives alone. Think about it this way—there may be days where you don’t want to get out of bed, but having to let the pup out means getting out of bed and sticking to some sort of healthy schedule.

Encourages Consistent Exercise

Similarly, when the dog helps you get out of bed, they can also help you get outside. Dogs need exercise and so do seniors! But, often, the motivation to go on a walk slips as the day goes on. When a dog is involved, however, there’s additional motivation. There’s now a purpose to ensure the health of the pet—and, therein, the health of the adult!

Keeps Seniors Social

In general, pets tend to make people more sociable. As we mentioned, loneliness isn’t good for seniors. Not only will dogs provide companionship, but they’ll also help keep seniors social. Animals have an ability to bring people together. Think about a petting zoo, a dog park, or even a zoo. People come together around animals; having a dog will help seniors find companionship in more ways than one.

Adds More Love

This is our favorite reason why seniors should get a dog! We talked a bit already about the power of love, and dogs bring love and happiness everywhere they go. It’s actually a scientific benefit to having a dog—they release happy hormones like oxytocin! Unconditional love is a massive benefit to owning a dog—you love them almost as much as they love you. Everyone needs that love; it can help seniors feel more confident, more motivated, and so much more. If you’re thinking about how to help out a senior in your life, or if you are a senior yourself, think about adopting a dog!