The well-being of seniors in nursing homes is very important when choosing a home for your aging loved one. It’s not just about choosing a nursing home with a good reputation and lots of activities, but also about checking to make sure your loved one will receive the proper care they deserve to live out their golden years.

Here are four ways to ensure the well-being of your loved one when choosing a nursing home.

Listen for Complaints from Nursing Home Residents

One of the biggest concerns when taking your loved one to a nursing home is whether they will get the quality care they need. It can be even more concerning if they require physical rehabilitation or other medical services, because there may not always be someone around who understands their needs and how to take care of them.

When checking out different nursing home facilities, make sure you pay attention to any complaints and ask about how they handle them. If you see a trend in terms of substandard service or signs or evidence of nursing home abuse, the home may not be able to provide quality care for your loved one. Ensure that the nursing home has a transparent process for dealing with complaints and is always willing to listen. If this is not the case, don’t hesitate to get legal help from a local nursing home abuse lawyer

Ensure They Continue To See Their Doctor Regularly

Your loved one should continue to see their primary care physician on a regular basis, even when they’re in the nursing home. Make sure that you check with the staff and schedule visits so your loved one is always getting proper medical attention for any health problems they may develop while living at the facility. While doctors on site usually visit each resident, your loved one is likely to get more attention if you make appointments with their regular physician.

You may want to check with their doctor before they go into a nursing home about what kind of medical care and attention they should receive while living there. It’s important that all medications are easily accessible and clearly labeled so staff can always provide the right medicine at the right time, and at the correct dosage. Remember that your doctor is likely to change their routine for care when they’re in the nursing home.

Ensure the Social Well-Being of Your Loved One

Seniors need to be around other people and interact with friends, family members, and staff at the facility they will be living with. Seniors who feel like part of their community tend to live longer than those who don’t enjoy any social contact. You may want to consider choosing a facility with events and gatherings for seniors so your loved one can enjoy themselves without doing too much physically strenuous activity.

The more they are able to socialize, the better their quality of life will be in that setting. You should also try attending some activities at the nursing home yourself, so you can see how your loved one interacts with others and ensure that they enjoy the social aspect of their life there. Dedicate time to visit them as much as possible so you can be sure they are happy and healthy.

Understand the Type of Activities or Events They Enjoy Most

Understanding what activities or events your senior loved one enjoys most will help you ensure their stay at a nursing home is as enjoyable and engaging as possible. If they love spending time with family, perhaps bring everyone together for an afternoon of board games. If they enjoy cooking, consider preparing some of their favorite recipes in the facility’s kitchen so that they can share them with other residents.

Photo by Abi Howard on Unsplash

If they enjoy simple pleasures like gardening, bring in some flowers or vegetables from your garden for the staff to plant at the facility so that everyone involved benefits. You’ll be surprised at how much happier they will become when you take time out of your day to arrange these things for them. 

Their Well-Being Is Important

Your aging loved one’s well-being means a lot to you and everyone who cares about them. It’s important that they’re kept safe and comfortable, which is why it’s so vital that your loved one is treated well. This will give you peace of mind, and you can feel confident with the nursing home you chose for them