Looking for some top tips on graceful aging? What age do you think we know how to do that? 40, 50, 60, 70, 80?

Our next article will talk to senior success and speak to happiness being an inside job. We also believe if you are happy you will be able to embrace aging. We also know that many people have different ideas and suggestions on this topic and life in general. From a young age to a senior, there are many opinions. Some are quite thought provoking and some quite funny.

If you aren’t quite ready to embrace aging that’s okay. Maybe after reading this and watching the video you will have a new outlook.

To show graceful aging, we suggest you are always patient, kind, smile, share, love, listen and forgive. All great suggestions but there are even more to share with you.

But check out some great tips on this cute video from children to seniors. They don’t just talk about graceful aging but rather some great tips for life in general.

Some great advice from 6 years old to 93 years old. My favourite is when they talk about ‘never being too old.’ An overall fun, positive spin on life and appreciating aging. This is appropriate for all ages!

via https://www.wimp.com/how-to-age-gracefully/