It has been said often that the similariites between monkeys and humans are quite extensive. But I have to admit that this one I had never heard of. Seniors aging has similarities to aging monkeys. Monkeys shed friends as they age. I guess they have figured something out.

I agree that many people are happier later in life because quite honestly, we have figured it out!

We know who makes us happy and who doesn’t. We know what we want to do and not do. As we get older many of us we feel empowered to do what we want to do with who we want to do it with. And scrap the rest!

So a recent study indicates that monkeys may do the same thing. How interesting is that! They are smart creatures who know who they want to be around and who they don’t.

Sometimes family may be concerned that we aren’t socializing as much as we get older. Or our peer group has gone down in size. I think it is simply we are more selective with who we spend time with and it is about quality not quantity. Apparently so do monkeys.