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Seniors Lifestyle Magazine Senior Love scaled

Do you remember?  Hey, that’s a song lyric….yes it is….the song was September by Earth, Wind and Fire

Growing old. Who likes it! Let’s reminisce and laugh about it!

Growing old with you. Let’s talk about it! Remember when you were young and not thinking about getting older? We all did that! And that’s okay. Let’s talk about getting older with love. Yes, love….we had it once and can have it again!

What do you mean growing older with love?

Well, I mean putting up with some of the nonsense your spouse provides on a daily basis because you just can’t imagine being alone or life without them.

I mean, yes things may have seemed better or easier when you were younger but guess what? You are in control now and your life as it unfolds, you do not have the same financial burdens because the kids are grown and gone. Your time is your own…yeah! Happiness is within your reach and you can be as happy as you CHOOSE to be.

Your best friend is likely sitting next to you and if they aren’t now, there is a new best friend right around the corner. Really.

Talk to them, enjoy them and remember how they used to be. Laugh about the changes, laugh about getting older, laugh about where you may be in 10 years.

Many say laughter is the best medicine and I think that may be true.

Have you seen the movie The Wedding Singer? It is such a great love story and has the infamous Adam Sandler singing about growing older with Drew Barrymore. I hope you like this video as much as I do and remember it can be fun getting older with someone IF you have a great attitude and want it to be so!

Be happy, remember and love!