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Mild cognitive difficulties can arise in seniors. There is a normal decline as we age, most often noticed in memory lapses, problem solving abilities or lack of attention. These normal blips are part of getting old and are no reason to worry. But what of those who have more serious problems? Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease are not a necessary part of getting old.

There are certain symptoms you can watch out for including:

  • Misplacing items. Those who are showing the signs of dementia frequently lose belongings. Unlike those who have just forgotten where they have put things, dementia sufferers won’t be able to find the misplaced item.
  • Personality and mood changes. Your once content and active loved one may show signs of depression or lethargy. What was once a hobby or interest now has no attraction and they may also withdraw from social activities. If you find out from a friend of theirs that they aren’t returning calls or meeting for lunches anymore, this could be a sign of dementia.
  • Memory loss. We all forget things as we get older. Quite often it’s due to a busy schedule and multi-tasking but no, your memory won’t be quite as good as you age. With dementia however, memory lapses are severe. They happen several times a day. Not only will a dementia sufferer forget appointments but they will forget the names of good friends and loved ones. They will forget conversations they had with you several days before.







Don’t automatically jump to conclusions when a loved one forgets something or repeats a story they have already told you. This is quite normal and can start well before they are a senior! If you’re concerned with symptoms that are showing up regularly, have them see their healthcare provider. To read more about identifying dementia in seniors and the symptoms, click here.