healthy winter food scaled

Once the weather gets cold your body metabolism starts to change. Your energy levels can also drop if your body doesn’t receive the fuel it needs. Many of us start to feel like splurging on junk food. Hot chocolate leads the list and cookies are not far behind. But there are plenty of comfort foods that are delicious and healthy. Stock up on these during the winter and you’ll feel the difference in your energy levels.

Root Vegetables







Most of these vegetables begin to show up in larger amounts in our grocery stores once fall arrives. Carrots, onions, beets, sweet potatoes and more are widely available during the cold winter months. All are perfect for cooking healthy soups and stews while keep you full. Nothing looks better on a cold day than a steaming bowl of soup waiting for you. Most root vegetables have high concentrations of vitamins A, B and C.


Oatmeal is a classic breakfast food which is very heart healthy. For those with high cholesterol add a bowl of warm steaming oatmeal to your breakfast each day and see the difference it makes. For those who aren’t too crazy about the taste, add some honey or cinnamon with berries. Old fashioned oats are also easy on your budget.

Cruciferous Vegetables

The cruciferous vegetables consist of broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage and brussel sprouts among others. Most are high in vitamin C, enhance your immune system and are, at this moment, being investigated as to how they can help prevent cancer. They are also delicious, especially on a cold winter day. Add some to your soups or stews.

There are many delicious foods and meals that can be prepared during the winter. Increase your intake of vitamin C with oranges and lemons. Chicken soup with lots of garlic has long been a staple to help ward off colds and help sore throats. To read more on foods that will keep you well this season, click here.