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Are you in need of a new boiler? Stop wondering what that boiler will cost with the help of the guide below. If you are exploring your boiler options, the best thing that you can do is check out New Boiler Costs Ltd and see the differences between the combi and standard boilers and their costs, as well as costs with and without installation!

UK Boiler Costs With & Without Installation

If you are in the market for a new boiler in the UK, you could be looking to spend between £1,595 and £4,000 including installation. This can depend on the make and model of the boiler itself, as well as the guarantee on the price range of your boiler. New combi boilers can come up between £1,595 and £3,500 including installation and they can heat up both the hot water and the heating in your home from one place. Customers looking for a new boiler can either buy them outright or they can get them on finance, which can help to spread the cost. 

Combi boiler costs in the UK

A new combi boiler can cost anywhere from £1,550 to £1,650 price range with installation and they are considered to be part of the budget options that you need for your home. They are perfect for small homes and medium buildings and some boiler models can even come with a 10-year warranty. The unit and the installation on a combi boiler can often be cheaper than a standard boiler and it’ll usually include the installation by a Gas Safe engineer. The fact that the price you see is the price you usually pay is the best reason to go with a combi boiler for your small to medium home. Often, you can find excellent boiler deals throughout the year which is perfect when you are getting ready for the colder months. 

How much is a new combi boiler in the UK

It can often be hard to estimate the true cost of a new boiler replacement, because the variables are many. The manufacturing of the boiler itself is important and essential. The new boiler alone can cost between £500 – £2,500 without the cost of labour and installation. This means that the added installation costs could add a few thousand more depending on the brand and model of the boiler and the company that you use. With the added installation costs, the cost of the boiler goes up to between £2,000 – £4,000. Boiler prices can and do vary, though, and so the best thing that you can do is to seek advice and do some cost comparisons with different companies.

Are there other types of boilers in the UK and how much do they cost?

Conventional and system boilers often need a new hot water cylinder to store the hot water and allow it to be available to you once it’s heated. A combi boiler takes the water supply from the mains, supplying your home with instant hot water. A combi boiler also provides the option of direct fire hot water as well as stored hot water. This allows back up hot water with the help of an immersion heater. This is particularly helpful in the event of a breakdown of your boiler. It can also allow unlimited hot water at more than one outlet in the house. The cost of a combi boiler with installation depends on a range of factors, including the existing system that you have and are replacing. If you are replacing an entirely new type of boiler system, you’re going to see higher costs.

Other Combi boiler prices in the UK

The electric combi boilers use electricity to heat the water that comes through the taps and radiators. They’re cheaper, quieter and more compact than a standard gas boiler and there is no gas water pipe or flue to think about. They’re better for the environment and they’re a great, clean alternative to a gas boiler with up to 99% efficiency. The only downside is the chance that the electric boilers offer higher running costs. The starting cost without installation ranges at £1,100 and beyond. 

Gas combi boilers are alo energy efficient as an option and are compact in size. This will equal lower energy bills over the colder months and you can expect to have hot water on demand. This is one of the most important things to note during the colder months of the year when you’ll need that level of help. These are more suited to the smaller houses and can be quite incompatible with older pipework.

Combi Boiler Replacement Costs, Movement & Change Options

Before you head off to buy a new boiler the best thing that you can do is look for your options. Are you hoping to just replace the boiler or do you need to move it? Are you changing boiler type to combi boiler? Understanding the benefits is important before you go ahead and buy. 

Some of the pros of a combi boiler is that it’s a boiler that offers high energy efficiency with lower energy bills overall. It’s compact in size and easy to install, too. You’ll get your hot water on demand as you need to, and you can buy a new boiler and install it in place of the old combi one, too. The drawbacks are that this boiler isn’t suitable for larger homes, and if you have older pipework, you won’t find them compatible. 

The actual costs of a boiler replacement involve the labour and parts that are required more than the actual boiler itself. You can often expect to pay an additional £1,000 and £1,500 on top of the cost of the boiler. This figure isn’t for nothing, though, as it pays for your installer and the pipework, flue and any boiler controls and condensate that you need for the home. You might also pay a fee if you have to move the boiler entirely from a different location in the house. Replacing a boiler can take a day of work for a Gas Safe registered heating engineer. The labour costs are higher as you’re paying for expertise. Some installations can take longer, especially if you go from a system boiler to a combi boiler.