Additional openings underscore retailer’s commitment to expand statewide access to better hearing health information, resources, and hearing aid options.

Palm Beach Gardens, FLORIDA, April 11, 2024 — Leading hearing care retailer HearUSA today announced plans to open six new state-of-the-art Hearing Centers of the Future in Texas as part of an accelerating drive to expand statewide access to the latest prescription and over-the-counter (OTC) hearing aids, as well as the information and resources that can help Texans shatter the stigma long associated with hearing loss and begin living healthier, more engaged lives.

Throughout March and April, the retailer will open three 21st Century Hearing Centers of the Future in Houston, as well as three others in San Antonio, Keller and San Marcos. The new locations will join several other HearUSA centers in Texas, Florida and California as part of a multi-year plan to roll out new centers across the country. All new centers in Texas will be operational by the end of Q2 2024. 

“An estimated 48 million Americans are living with hearing loss, and they no longer have to,” HearUSA President Nick Mengerink said today. “Major advances in technology performance, coupled with the arrival of fashion-forward small form factor designs, greater affordability, wider availability of over-the-counter hearing aids, and increased financing options, make it possible for everyone with hearing loss to access hearing solutions that are tailored to their needs and lifestyle.”

The six new Texas centers feature a consumer-friendly environment where clients can explore prescription hearing aids from leading brands like Widex and Signia, as well as over-the-counter (OTC) hearing aid solutions from Sony. They can also receive a complimentary hearing evaluation, experience simulated hearing environments, and test various hearing aids with guidance from licensed Hearing Care Professionals (HCPs).

“At HearUSA, we are on a mission to improve the lives of one million Americans with hearing loss by 2028,” Mengerink emphasized. “The opening of new centers throughout Texas, Florida, California, and the rest of the country will make it easier for people to get the information and treatment they need. The more locations we open, the more lives we can change through Simply Excellent Hearing Care.” 

HearUSA Hearing Centers of the Future are designed from the ground up to make accessing hearing care easier and more client-centric than ever before. All centers feature a new, modern design concept that is innovative, welcoming, and engaging, with open spaces and product displays. 

At the centers’ core are dedicated teams of HearUSA HCPs and Client Experience Specialists (CESs), aiding clients in discovering and understanding cutting-edge hearing aids and their crucial features for successful adoption, while also assisting clients in maximizing insurance benefits and flexible financing. 

HearUSA’s distinctive Hear Better Today program ensures clients receive their evaluated and fitted hearing aids on the same day, eliminating the wait for the life-changing benefits hearing aids offer.

The company’s leadership in insurance also enables clients to get the most from their benefits and flexible financing plans further expand access to better hearing. What’s more, HearUSA is committed to making sure all clients can immediately experience the benefits of hearing aids with its no-risk trial program.

Last year, HearUSA was named America’s number one hearing care retailer as part of Newsweek and Statista Inc.’s America’s Best Retailers 2023.

 For more information on HearUSA, visit www.hearusa.com. 

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