baby boomers making a difference scaled
baby boomers making a difference scaled

August is Boomers Making a Difference Month. Baby boomers are typically identified as anyone born between 1945 and the early 1960’s. Though many have tried to attribute certain characteristics to those born during these years, baby boomers can’t be defined as a group. When we think of boomers we tend to think of wealthy, active, involved adults who comprise the largest generation and continue to have an impact on society. The latter thoughts are true however we want to recognize that many still struggle financially.

What is different about baby boomers?

  • This older group plays a large role in consumer spending. If they want it and it becomes popular, then it will become a trend across multiple age groups.
  • They tend to pay attention to their health. Though they may not be perfect, they try to stay in shape. This aging group is still striving to stay young and have helped along the cosmetic and cosmetic surgery industry.
  • Though our parents may have grown up in the depression era, boomers still want to have fun. Most of us won’t let age get in our way. Experiences are important and we pursue our interests whatever they may be.
  • Positive thinking has helped many a boomer keep going when the times got tough. Boomers tend to believe in yoga, meditation and spiritual transformation.
  • Many of those hard working individuals that you meet in food banks and soup kitchens are baby boomers. Quite a few of them will work far past the age of retirement while also giving freely of their time after hours.
  • Baby boomers have seen huge cultural and social changes in their time. Born before the popularity of television, they have lived through decades of world upheaval. Brought up before Walmart and the internet, they have had to make their way without access to the extras that today’s generations take for granted.







Baby boomers continue to make a difference in today’s world. To the children of these boomers, being a chip off the old block isn’t an insult. For all of the baby boomers out there, celebrate August and the difference you have made in today’s society.