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Tea contains antioxidants and has proven to be beneficial to your health in many ways. Studies have been done over the years to test the effects of tea on various diseases. A team of scientists now feel that if you drink tea, this may help to lower your risk of developing dementia.

The scientists studied almost 1000 Chinese seniors. All of them drank black, green or oolong tea made directly from tea leaves. After two years the scientists discovered that this group were 50% less likely to experience cognitive decline than those who didn’t drink tea. The also found that their risk for developing Alzheimer’s had decreased.

In what ways can you benefit from drinking tea?

Tea is known to:

  • Assist with digestion, especially the herbal teas.
  • Possibly help keep you from developing cancer.
  • Aid in  hydrating the body.
  • Help fight free radicals which can damage your DNA.
  • Counteract some of the negative effects of smoking – not that you should start smoking or not think of quitting!
  • Prevent cavities. Tea contains calcium, magnesium and fluoride.
  • Be beneficial in slowing down the aging process as it contains vitamin E.
  • Help eliminate body fat, especially the green and black teas.

Black tea may help your circulation which leads to lower blood pressure and less heart disease. It’s also known to help bone health.White tea is know to be beneficial for diabetes and green tea can lower your cholesterol. Herbal teas can help with stress. Chamomile tea in particularly aids in relaxation.

People all over the world love their tea and many take time out of their day to stop and enjoy a cup of tea in the afternoon. It isn’t just an indulgence. Tea can benefit your health in so many ways. For more information on how tea can lower your risk of developing dementia, click here.