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Whether separated by miles or health concerns, technology continues to deliver trusted, personalized connections between elderly seniors and their family, friends, and caregivers. GrandPad has compiled a list of tips for using technology to stay connected during the busy summer months.

  1. Bookmark favorite content. Whether it’s an often-visited website, historical content, or do-it-yourself YouTube channels, bookmarks create easy access to engaging content.

  2. Enjoy a virtual picnic via video call. Spend lunch together one on one or include the entire family over Zoom. If you’re vacationing, video call and share highlights from your trip.

  3. Create a “family highlights” reel. Ask family members to upload photos and videos to the GrandPad tablet so your loved one can add voice comments that will be captured for years to come.

  4. Stream favorite genres of music and hometown radio. Listen together from anywhere with GrandPad Radio. Use the streaming radio app to bookmark local radio stations and sports stations.

  5. Share a virtual meal together. Surprise your loved one with a meal delivery from a favorite restaurant and make it a party using multi-party Zoom.

  6. Play “Family Trivia.” Collect facts and favorite anecdotes from the family and host a Zoom trivia game.

  7. Reconnect with an old friend. Schedule a surprise video call with a few old friends so they can reconnect and reminisce with some friendly faces.

  8. Virtual story time. If able, ask your loved one to read a bedtime story to the younger generation via video call or to share stories from their life as a child.

  9. Create a binge-worthy playlist of videos. Create a playlist of favorite videos and links to activities like church services to easily access and enjoy.

  10. Share the in-between moments. Take action shots and candid video clips of family members enjoying life’s everyday moments and post them in the private family photo stream.

GrandPad is being used to connect more than 1.2 million people — including seniors, family members, friends, and caregivers — in more than 120 countries worldwide. To learn more, visit