sick this winter
sick this winter

Right in the teeth of cold and flu season it might seems hopeless, but you can avoid it. Follow these tips on how to avoid getting sick this winter.

The holidays are past, and life marches on into the teeth of winter—and cold and flu season. All the traveling that people do during the holidays makes it easier for those pesky germs and viruses to spread. When we visit Aunt Becky and Uncle Rob, we don’t realize we’re putting ourselves at a higher risk of contracting influenza, the common cold, or norovirus. Don’t despair, though: there are some tips and tricks on how to avoid getting sick this winter. Use this advice to keep yourself healthy and strong this year.

Get a Flu Shot

This one seems pretty obvious, but you might be surprised to find that most people don’t get flu shots regularly. A lot of misinformation about flu shots tends to circulate on the Internet. Don’t buy into the hype—do some research using reliable sources to find out the truth for yourself.

Clean the Carpets

It’s true! The carpet under your feet is home to so many creep-crawly things that it will make your head spin. The stomach flu virus, for example, can live in carpeting for weeks at a time. Whether you call someone or do it yourself, steam-clean your carpets regularly to kill those germs before they have the chance to make you sick.

Keep your Distance

If you see or hear anyone coughing or sneezing, stay away from them! Human-to-human contact is one of the easiest ways to spread illness. People who are already sick are patient zero, and they can infect you without even trying. Keep them at least three feet away from you if at all possible.

Clean Community Properties

If you live alone, then you’ve already lessened your chances of getting sick. Communal spaces that multiple people touch daily are hot spots for viruses and germs. Clean those areas daily during cold and flu season. Simply wiping down doorknobs, sinks, and toilets with an antibacterial wipe will lessen the chance that you’ll get sick.

Avoid Smooching

If your spouse isn’t feeling well and showing signs of illness, keep your lips away. From the minute someone shows the first signs of infection, they can pass the illness on to others. Kissing and exchanging bodily fluids during this time will increase your risk of getting sick, too. Take some time off and let them get better before resuming the fun stuff.

Get Plenty of Sleep

If you start to feel the symptoms of a cold or the flu coming on, get some rest. Your body needs all the energy and time you can give to fight the illness. Get plenty of sleep and rest so that your body can mount an adequate defense against the invader.