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The bidet is a bathroom fixture that still has a lot of stigmas attached to it in Western culture. The origin of these uncorroborated negative stereotypes is perhaps how the bidet started, as a bulky wooden contraption first made in medieval France. However, modern bidets resemble nothing the original design so there is no real reason for the entire population to use them.

The second misconception about bidets concerns the people who dominantly use them. As, individuals with hemorrhoids issues, pregnant women and seniors stand to benefit the most from using a bidet but men can also use them. There are at least 7 reasons why men shouldn’t be left out because a bidet will turn a routine trip to the toilet into a pleasurable experience.

Bidets in public restrooms

If you have even entered the restroom of a posh restaurant, you might have been surprised by the sign of a bidet. The first thought that came to your mind was that such a bathroom fixture belongs in the ladies’ toilet, and truly ladies can benefit from using a bidet. But there is one fun fact – a bidet is unisex by default. It is intended for use by both sexes, as well as children.

The fact that women have used it more in the past should not cloud this fact. In fact, more and more business owners are installing bidets in their lavatories. That’s why learning more about their benefits and the proper way to use them is becoming part of the men’s etiquette.

How does it work

In case you are wondering what the difference between a bidet and a conventional toilet bowl is, then it’s the way you clean your private parts. Namely, a bidet does not require you to use toilet paper, as cleaning is carried out solely using water. There are several adjustable nozzles inside the bidet that shoot out streams of warm water that you use to wipe your bottom.

Of course, this means that you’ll get your hands dirty at first but the jets of water will wash them simultaneously. Just like using the toilet, you’ll need to wash your hands afterward with soap.

Can a bidet replace a urinal?

Everything listed above concerns the “number two” call of nature that forces you to go to the toilet. However, the biggest dilemma men have is whether a bidet can be used as a urinal. The answer is both “yes” and “no,” because it all depends on the type of urinal you encounter. They are usually set lower than toilet bowl because this makes it easier for the ladies to use them.

However, bidets in public restrooms are often elevated a bit so men can use them as an alternative to the urinal. In case you are worried you’ll produce a splash, just keep in mind that flushing the toilet can also produce a splash that often ends up outside the urinal or toilet bowl.

All the colors of the rainbow

If you’re a fan of gizmos like most men are, then you’ll find the bidet more interesting than you initially thought. Arguably, the bidet comes with more features and attachments than the standard toilet bowl, restrooms is due to the designers’ and manufacturers’ wish to sever all ties with the negative stereotype people have about the bidet.

Since you can find a bidet online and have it delivered to your doorstep, multiple attachments are available for a bargain. For once, there are colorful LED lights that are installed inside the bidet and illuminate the bathroom with all the colors of the rainbow. In fact, these LEDs are so strong that you needn’t turn the light on in the bathroom when you want to use the toilet at night.

Furthermore, you have a wide variety of seat warmers and massagers to choose from. There are even portable bidets that function like toilet seat attachments. They operate like normal bidets, allowing you to regulate the warmth of the water jets and to regulate their strength.

Parting with toilet paper

Apart from the soothing effect pressured water has on your skin, you will never again have to use toilet paper if you switch to a bidet. This is a good thing for at least here reasons.

Firstly, your skin is most sensitive around the private parts so rubbing it often and hard with toilet paper can damage it or make it irritable at the very least. Even if the toilet paper is made from celluloses and not recycled paper, the burning sensation is still likely to occur.

Secondly, eliminating toilet paper means that you will actively join the global fight to protect the environment. Every day, some 50.000 trees are fallen to fuel the toilet paper and towel industry in North America alone! Add to this the cost of shipping, processing, and selling of this paper and you get a huge environmental print a single roll of paper has on our planet.

Finally, you spend hundreds of dollars on toilet paper each year that could be invested in something more useful, like your children’s tuition fees. After you ditch toilet paper, the only other paper you’ll buy for the house will be copy paper and kitchen towels; the latter of which you can do without too.

Lowering the water bill

Since the essence of a bidet is the water it uses for cleaning, it might come as a surprise that you’ll actually slightly lower your water bill at the end of the month. Just like manufacturers of washing machines are constantly designing machines that wash more laundry with less water so are bidet manufacturers aware of the global issue of wasting water.

That’s why the nozzles in a bidet are set in such a way that they ensure you clean what you need to clean in the most efficient manner possible so no water is waster. Unlike the conventional toilet bowl, you needn’t flush afterward because the water had already done its job.

“Man problems”

Although men never experience the irritation of menstruation or the pain of giving birth, they do have hemorrhoid issues and they do grow old. As far as the former is concerned, there is no scientific data to corroborate that they are more susceptible to them than women but nevertheless, 3 out of 4 men are likely to have them at least once during their lifetime.

During those periods, the use of toilet paper implies going through excruciating pain that simply doesn’t exist when it comes to using a bidet. The healing effect of water is felt by every man (and woman) who have hemorrhoid issues, as they cannot imagine using the toilet in any other way. Hemorrhoid wipes can also come in handy to soothe the painful area after using the bidet.

Furthermore, people with hip issues, mostly seniors, can also benefit from using a bidet because it allows them greater mobility. There is no need to twist and turn the torso, causing pain and further aggravating the back and the hips. For some, this might draw the difference between needing personal assistance to use the toilet and the dignity to urinate and defecate on their own.

The 7 reasons we have listed above have not listed all of the benefits that come with using a bidet. Once you decide to install a bidet in your house, you will truly start to appreciate all of its features that are as manly as any other bathroom fixture.