The typical Christian celebrations for Easter revolve around Church and biblical stories. However, many Easter celebrations are nonreligious and there are lots of ways that seniors can celebrate Easter regardless of their beliefs.

Whether you reside in your own home, an apartment or in a senior’s residence, some or most of these ideas will work for you and your family or other seniors.

Get Planning!

  • Several of the first things that come to mind are Easter lilies and Easter parades. Many communities still host parades at Easter. Give your senior loved one a gift of a lily and take them to see your local parade.
  • Seniors can try egg decorating, either by using real eggs or making their own chocolate eggs. Donate the eggs to a school or other children’s group to be used for an Easter egg hunt or have your own egg hunt just for the seniors in your building! Making Easter baskets is another traditional craft that seniors can take part in.
  • If you have a family member or loved one who is in a senior residence, make them an Easter surprise basket filled with their favorite things. For those who can’t eat chocolate or other sweets, photos of the family or a small plant would be a good idea. Add some of their favorite tea or coffee and other small snack items.

Easter is also a celebration of spring. This is a beautiful time of year to go on your first spring picnic. If you live in an area where it still may be too cold for an outdoor picnic, make your favorite picnic foods and enjoy them indoors where there is a good view of spring’s arrival outside.

Start a spring garden. Container gardening is popular and is a good way for those who live indoors to have a garden. If you have a sunny window, try growing an herb garden. April is here and it’s time to celebrate Easter and the arrival of spring.