SLM Spice Tumeric scaled
SLM Spice Tumeric scaled

Every year more and more seniors are diagnosed with dementia, Alzheimer’s and cancer. The numbers continue to be staggering. Often, lifestyle changes are suggested to help deal with the ailments of these diseases and their treatments. Imagine if a simple spice held the answer to preventing Alzheimer’s and cancer. Is that even possible?

Well studies are showing that turmeric, a common spice used to flavour dishes may hold some answers. Tumeric itself is know to contain ingredients for anti-inflammatory purposes and now it is suggested that curcumin, a nutrient and active component within turmeric may prevent Alzheimer’s and cancer.

So if turmeric isn’t part of your pantry, you may want to get some. A colourful spice that truly can flavour any dish and can be added to almost anything. I know people who put it in their drinks as well as their food dishes simply to get the value of the anti-inflammatory benefits.

If adding this colourful spice isn’t for you. You can buy turmeric curcumin tablets and many health food stores and take like a vitamin or supplement.

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This article is intended for information purposes only. Please talk to 
your doctor or health practitioner about preventing Alzheimer's 
and cancer.