Making the most of Container and Balcony Gardens.

If you’re 50+ there’s a pretty good chance at some point in your life you’ve lived in an apartment, condominium or townhouse where the options for gardening are limited. Perhaps when you were younger that wasn’t an issue but now – after 50+ spins around the earth – you’ve downsized from the family home where you grew to love gardening and now you’re looking for options for keeping blooms beautiful on balconies. We can help! Amintro is all about making friends the better way but what better way to share time with a friend than sipping chardonnay on a summer day surrounded by pretty pots and plants? Without further ado, here are our

Top Five Tips for Container Gardening

  • Know your climate zone! Take some time to do a little research about where you are and what plants are best suited for your particular climate. No point in planting pansies – a hardier plant that can withstand cooler temperatures if you’re in the sunny south.
  • Know your sun exposure! Chances are, regardless of the size of your patio or balcony, there will be times of day that matter most. One spot might always be shady while another gets full sun all day long. Are you facing east, west, north or south? This will impact the intensity of the sun and the time of day the sun hits your plants – all are important factors when considering what to plant so spend some time (maybe with a friend!) just sitting on your balcony at various times of day and “plot the path” of the sun so you can plant accordingly.
  • Know your containers! Think any old pot will do? Not so! Plants can be picky. Plastic might dry out more quickly than ceramic and this is true too of terra cotta clay pots. That might mean more frequent watering is required. Plastic, while lightweight, can also deteriorate in harsh sun. Aiming to “get funky” and recycle something quirky to plant in? Don’t forget to drill drainage holes!
  • Know your fertilizers! Container pots, much more so even than a regular garden, often need a little boost to keep those blooms blooming. Investing in a good fertilizer (and good soil mix too while you’re at it) will help prolong the life of your plants and promote overall growth.
  • Know your water source! When planning your patio think about where (as in how far) will you be lugging that watering can from? How many times a day will you be watering? Container plants generally require more frequent watering (as in daily) and for the 50+ crowd, sometimes lugging a heavy jug of water presents a challenge. Plan your watering source, and schedule, accordingly. If this is a real concern for you and/or you might not be around to water every day – look for self watering options. There are plenty to choose from and they’ll help lighten your load!

Nothing beats sitting back on your balcony and enjoying the fruits of your labor. Literally. You can plant anything in a container garden, even fruits and veggies. All it takes is a little careful planning, lots of gentle nurturing and a bit of a green thumb. Don’t give up on gardening just because you’ve downsized. Just approach it in a new and interesting way. Looking for a friend to enjoy brunch on the balcony with? Amintro can help. We’re “where grown ups go to make new friends,” an app that’s fast, free and easy to use. Register today by clicking here !