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The job market today is crazy. Many people have lost their jobs in the past 2 years and for one reason or another, they’re looking for a job outside of their previous profession. Or, retired people find themselves with an abundance of time, yet money might be tight and they need a second source of income.

Likewise, it’s not uncommon for people to work 2 or even. Many people find ways to use the free time they have after their full-time job or their weekends to make some extra cash, but the question is: what’s the best way to do it?

We’ve prepared a list of courses that can teach you skills you can cash in on quickly and get a great return on investment.

Stock Photography

Stock photography is a specific branch of photography which creates so-called stock photos, images of everyday situations, objects or places, which are used by the media to illustrate their content.

Stock photographers make their money by posting their work on huge online bases, and every time their image is used, they get paid. So a single photo could earn you money over and over again. Talk about a passive income!

This is something you can start doing even without a course, as a hobby, but since competition has become very strong, the only way to ensure you’ll actually earn something is to make your work stand out through maximum quality – blurry, unedited pics don’t get chosen!

A course will teach you all the technical details, but creativity is key here.



If there’s one industry that’s perfect for job switchers, it’s the beauty industry.What makes this industry so great is the fact that you don’t need any prior experience in the branch to take a course and start working.

Of course, this is a very wide industry, so it may be hard to choose which profession exactly to get trained for. We have the answer – become a microblading artist. 

Microblading is a form of cosmetic tattooing for the eyebrows. In order to become a microblading artist, you need to finish a course at an accredited academy like PhiBrows Canada and get a certificate. After that, if you meet the local requirements, you can start making people feel beautiful and earning some serious cash along the way.

Microblading artists can work full-time, or take only occasional clients on the weekends. Either way, the earning potential is huge, since a single treatment is charged several hundred dollars.


The marketing world has evolved a lot over the years and a huge portion of it nowadays happens online. Nevertheless, the basics are the same – it takes a special instinct to come up with campaigns that give results, so if you’re creative and have a nose for business, marketing might be the perfect branch for you.

Although being creative is the most important qualification here, unless you worked a very similar job before, you’ll need some education to get you started. There are great, thorough marketing courses taught by working professionals who know all the tricks of the trade, and you can even take them online.

What’s more, you can even work online! Digital marketing is something you can do from home, so it’s a great option for anyone who doesn’t want to change their lifestyle too much.

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Virtual Assistant

So, you might be curious about what a virtual assistant actually is. We know it may sound like the latest artificial intelligence achievement, virtual assistants are actually people who do all the tasks a traditional assistant does, only they work online.

Their responsibilities include calendar planning, event organization, administrative tasks, and anything their employer needs help with.

To become a virtual assistant, you should take a course that will teach you the best techniques for performing daily tasks. These courses are usually short, but they are definitely useful.

Technical Writer

Technical writing means writing instruction manuals for everything from home appliances to medical equipment. It’s quite simple once you get the hang of it and get to know the products, but a course will definitely cut your learning time short by helping you master the style and tone of technical writing.

This can be a very lucrative career, especially if you get specialized for the branch you previously worked in.

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Whichever career you choose as your second, be prepared to invest some time and money into getting educated for it if you want to do it right. Getting into a business without any training or prior experience can cause nothing but frustration!