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Trends in aging are changing. Many of us are heading toward retirement on our own, most by choice. Though some are retiring alone due to other circumstances, all retirees are looking forward and wondering what their future will bring. For the senior who is retiring solo, the question of quality of life comes up often. They realize that they will carry the responsibility of their retirement all alone. Though all seniors have skills they will take into retirement, the seniors who will live alone have to bring additional abilities that will help them retain their independence.

What are the most worrisome problems for those retiring alone?

  • Without a partner or roommate you are entirely responsible for all of your expenses. Housing, utilities, healthcare, your car, entertainment. The bills start to add up once you are no longer working. Not all about-to-retire seniors have a financial nest egg. Several years before you retire start to pay off your credit cards and loans. Make a budget showing just how much you will need to live on each month. Many single seniors decide to rent after retirement. It cuts down on maintenance costs and property taxes.
  • Find a comfortable lifestyle. While yearly vacations and spending money on restaurants might have been your lifestyle before retirement, decide if you can still afford this, or even want it. Many single retirees get more involved in their own communities or neighborhoods, finding new friends and interests. One important thing is to make your living space a place that you love to be. Fill your home with the things you love to do. Many senior apartments are an oasis of books, crafts, music or paintings. What makes you happy? Surround yourself with it.







Retiring single can be one of the best choices you make. This is a time in your life to spend on yourself. Decide what makes you comfortable. Step outside your comfort zone while you’re at it. Take some courses, enjoy your retirement. Take care of yourself. It doesn’t have to cost a lot. Prepare ahead of time for as many things as you can. Retirement can be the happiest time of your life. Laugh every day!