Once upon a time, all senior communities were much the same. They were places where seniors could move to in their later years where their basic comforts would be taken care of for them. Usually this was three meals a day plus a snack, television and games, medication brought at regular hours. Now, however, the face of senior living is changing. It’s no longer about just giving basic care to seniors. Seniors are demanding more.

Several decades ago, if seniors weren’t happy with their senior living community they wouldn’t necessarily move to another one. After all, they were pretty much the same everywhere, weren’t they? But now, seniors are shopping around, both before they choose a community at all and also once they’ve moved into one. If another community provides more for basically the same amount of money, they will move in a heartbeat.

Seniors Know What’s Out There

  • Seniors are much more informed these days than they once were. They expect more for their dollar. Going online, they can compare different senior communities and see what they have to offer. They also personally visit the communities and don’t always rely on word of mouth.
  • Seniors are making decisions on their own, deciding where they would like to live. At one time adult children would look around, find a place for mom or pop and move them in. Modern seniors won’t allow that.
  • Most seniors now are looking for all of the amenities. That means activities beyond television and board games. They are still interested in new experiences and want to spend their remaining years as actively as possible.

Though many seniors may use walkers, canes or wheelchairs, they aren’t letting this slow them down. Senior communities are beginning to realize this and changing what they have to offer. With the aging of the baby boomers, senior’s wishes are changing and communities have to keep up. To read the full article on evolving the senior living experience, click here.