Red Light Therapy
Red Light Therapy

When it comes to regenerative properties, more and more are looking at how to use red light therapy at home. Knowing the red light therapy pros and cons is a good place to start. From there, it is a matter of finding the best handheld red light therapy device.

Professionals are managing to revive light therapy, a practice that looked to be all but extinct not long ago. In this piece, we will learn more about what red light therapy is, what it is used to treat, and more.

What is Red Light Therapy?

For starters, there is one difference between red light therapy bulbs and blue light. Red light has a longer wavelength and higher energy than blue light. That is what makes red light special and part of broadband light therapy.

There are some variations, like a micro light therapy lamp, but the practice is the same. Red light therapy is used primarily to treat skin issues, muscle tissue, and to help the various parts of the body heal. 

For seniors that deal with aches and pains regularly, there have been obvious benefits to be had. Using a red light therapy device has made it all the easier. Still, this treatment holds some controversy given that there are few scientific studies that have been performed.

What is Red Light Therapy Used to Treat?

The most common uses are light therapy for pain. You can even find one of the best handheld light therapy devices on the market for a relatively low sum. But there is so much more to the process than that.

There are red light therapy weight loss programs, red light therapy for testosterone, red light therapy anti-aging procedures, and more. The red light therapy for weight loss, in particular, has had mixed results but is seemingly gaining in popularity.

There is still much to be learned about what red light therapy can do. It is also important to note that red light therapy may not work for everyone. That is part of the reason for the controversy in the first place.

What Benefits Does Red Light Therapy Offer for Seniors?

Bright light therapy for seniors, programs like Neutrogena light therapy, have a variety of benefits. There is red light therapy for hair loss, red light therapy for gaining skin, and even light physical therapy for seniors. Light therapy for pain is proving to have a great impact when it comes to reducing pain and making it more manageable.

There are also positive impacts on skin conditions as well. Experts believe that red light therapy can help with a variety of skin conditions, signs of aging, and even scarring. For seniors who see the quality of their skin decline, red light therapy is a great way to combat that.

Is it Safe to Perform Red Light Therapy at Home?

Not everyone wants to have to visit a clinic to implement red light therapy. That is why at-home red light therapy, also known as DIY red light therapy, is becoming more popular. Learning how to use red light therapy at home, with red light therapy at home devices, is a crucial step.

Generally speaking, it is considered safe to use at home. That said, researchers are still in the learning stages about how red light works and why. For example, there are no set rules when it comes to just how much red light to use.

There is a thought that too little exposure may not work whereas too much exposure can lead to the damaging of skin tissue. For now, it remains on a case-by-case basis and caution should be exercised by anyone using red light therapy.

What Devices Can Seniors Use for Red Light Therapy at Home?

Part of doing red light therapy at home means having access to the best handheld red light therapy device. There is the Neutrogena light therapy mask, for instance, that would qualify as a quality red light therapy device. There are other manufacturers that make a red light therapy mask, too.

The most common is a wand. These handheld red light therapy wands can be used on specific body parts or areas at the behest of the user. That means getting the kind of concentrated red light therapy treatment that you desire.

For a total-body experience, there are huge panels that can be installed in the home as well. These cover the length of the body and deliver a fuller red light experience. Those should be used with caution as it can be easy to gain overexposure to the red light.

Does Red Light Therapy Really Work?

There are lots of beliefs out there about revive light therapy. There is red light therapy before and after results. There are examples of red light therapy for wrinkles before and after. You can also check out revive light therapy reviews.

The simple fact of the matter is that it depends on the person. The lack of scientific testing has proven to be a major question mark for those considering red light therapy that hasn’t made the leap just yet. With that backing, red light therapy would become the norm.

There are some who swear by the results, however. There have been more than a few examples of red light therapy being beneficial for skincare and the relaxation of tight and tense muscles. Really, it is worth a try. The benefits are potentially huge with little downside. Just make sure to prevent overexposure as it could potentially damage the skin.


Red light therapy may be something of a controversial topic in the scientific community at the moment. There are some who feel that more testing is required before anything definitive can be stated about its benefits.

Still, thousands are seeing the benefits of red light therapy, particularly seniors. Anything that can be done to slow the aging of skin, treat aches and pains, and live a more comfortable lifestyle is worth exploring.

For those reasons and more, thousands are trying red light therapy on a daily basis across the world.