Golf Day scaled

Spring may be here but in many areas it still feels like winter. It won’t be long until the last of the snow melts and seniors can once again get outside to enjoy their favourite activities. Keeping active, especially outdoors, helps us age well. We need the sunshine for vitamin D production and for many seniors, walking is a looked forward to activity.

What hobbies can you enjoy outdoors this spring?

  • Gardening. Did you spend this winter looking through seed catalogues? For many of us, choosing the flowers and vegetables we’d like to plant each spring takes up many hours during the cold winter months. Gardening can keep you in shape, give you something beautiful to look at and feed your family.
  • Photography. Get your camera out and get pictures of the birds as they arrive each spring. Take pictures of the sunset. During each season as the sun lowers in the sky it sends out a different light. Compare your spring, summer and autumn photos.
  • Enjoy outdoor meals. Though it may still be a little too damp and chilly for a picnic, arrange an area outdoors to enjoy a morning coffee or have your lunch. A balcony, back yard or deck can be swept clear of winter debris and readied for the warmer weather. Early morning coffee outdoors is a relaxing activity. It’s still quiet and only you and the birds are out.
  • Golf. One of the most popular activities for seniors, many are already polishing up their clubs and in some areas the greens are already dry enough to play. Don’t golf? Try mini-putt, the mini version of golfing. Even consider creating a mini put game in your own backyard.

Enjoy the warmer weather and sunshine however you can!  






This spring, get outside and enjoy the weather before it becomes too hot and humid. Plant some flowers, go for a walk around your neighbourhood to see the changes. The fresh air is good for you and just might put a spring in your step!