Meditation is a great stress reliever. The combination of deep breathing and relaxation brings a state of mindfulness that benefits your health in many ways. Many use mediation as part of a spiritual practice and it’s possible that it may also make your brain healthier.

How can meditation benefit the health of seniors?

Reduction of chronic pain. Health care professionals have long been advising patients with chronic pain to meditate. Meditation can reduce the intensity of pain by more than 50%, even in beginners. Mindfulness meditation helps to soothe patterns in the brain which cause pain and eventually alter them so patients feel less pain.

Reduced stress, anxiety and depression. Many seniors have depression and anxiety due to chronic medical conditions and disabilities. Meditation can improve the quality of life for these patients, reducing negative emotions and energy. Meditating helps them to focus on the more positive things in life that make them happy. Stress is a major cause of aging prematurely and through meditation, seniors can reduce the effects of stress on their body and mind.

Improved memory and focus. During meditation, the lobes of the brain which affect memory are stimulated. This leads to better recall as well as the ability to better store memories in the present. Brain function improves, increasing a patient’s alertness and focus. This helps with learning and creativity.

Decreased daily fatigue and help with insomnia. Many seniors experience fatigue as they age, particularly those with chronic illnesses. The deep breathing exercises which are part of the practice of meditation will help increase the amount of oxygen to the brain. Once the brain starts to receive more oxygen, it will become more alert. At the same time, those who have started to meditate have found that within 6 weeks their sleep had improved.

The emotional and physical benefits of meditation are so great that it is worth trying meditation if it is new to you. Making the most of your health in your retirement years can bring a tremendous improvement in your lifestyle. To read more on the brain boosting effects of meditation, click here.